Law Enforcement: Aug. 22, 2013 edition

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Madison Police Department

On August 13 a simple battery complaint was filed at an Eatonton Road department store after a woman alleged that while she was waiting to check out, a black male, aged 15-years to 18-years-old, placed his hand between the woman’s leg and rubbed her buttock. The woman said she smacked the male on the arm and the male fled the store and ran towards Budget Inn.

On August 17 Kendrick Lewis Simmons, 23, Madison, was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute, giving false name and possession of drugs in a drug free commercial zone. According to reports, Simmons was stopped at approximately 1:20 a.m. while riding a bicycle on South Main Street without lights. Reports state that Simmons gave the officer his brother’s name. At the time of the stop, reports state, he had two backpacks on. The officers took a picture of Simmons at the time of the stop and later pulled up his brother’s photo and realized that the person riding the bicycle did not match the picture of Simmons’ brother. Simmons was located at Budget Inn, reports state, and an officer allegedly found a Mason jar with suspected marijuana, $133 cash, a Playstation game system with the identification marks scratched of and several empty clear plastic bags.

On August 17 a damage to property complaint was filed at a North Fifth Street residence after a man reported that someone had destroyed a wooden guardrail near a loading dock.

On August 17 an aggravated assault complaint was filed at a Micha Way residence after a woman alleged that another woman had pulled a knife on her during an argument. The other woman told officers that she had, in fact, pulled a knife but only after the complainant pulled a pair of scissors.

On August 15 warrants were issued for the arrest of Dashawn Alexander Malcom, 21, Madison. According to reports, Malcom was stopped while driving a green Audi on Highland Avenue. Reports state that an officer initiated a traffic stop on Malcom for an inoperable tag light. During the stop, reports state, Malcom allegedly fled from the officer. The vehicle was towed and Malcom faces charges of obstruction, driving without a license and tag light violation.

On August 12 a larceny complaint was filed at a Micha Way location after a woman reported that someone had taken nine pieces of jewelry from her residence. The jewelry, she said, is worth approximately $2,550. The woman said there was no sign of forced entry into her residence.

Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On August 18 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Williams Street, Rutledge location after a woman alleged that someone had taken a red Nokia Lumina 920 cell phone and a wall charger. The woman, reports state, told a detective that she believed her brother had taken the phone. The complainant’s mother said the brother had arrived at the house intoxicated “as usual” at approximately 5 a.m. and stayed until 10 a.m.

On August 18 a burglary complaint was filed at a Mallard Ridge Road location after a woman alleged that her former boyfriend had broken into her house and removed some of his clothing items and paperwork that included her father’s Social Security number.

On August 16 a sexual battery against children complaint was filed at the Morgan County Safety Center, after a man alleged that a 12-year-old male at Morgan County Middle School had exposed his penis to his middle school daughter and another female student and that the male had grabbed his daughter’s buttocks while at the school. The man told deputies that the alleged actions were criminal and he wants the alleged incidents investigated by law enforcement.

On August 16 a theft by deception complaint was filed at a Plainview Road location after a man contacted authorities regarding a theft by deception scheme that had occurred since March, 2011.

On August 16 a domestic dispute report was filed at a Jackson Street residence after a woman told deputies that she and her estranged husband had argued regarding living arrangements at the residence. The woman said the couple were in the process of getting a divorce after she allegedly caught the man with another woman at the residence on August 12. The woman said the man was chasing her around the house as she was attempting to get him to leave the residence but that the altercation was strictly verbal.

On August 16 a fraud complaint was filed at a Adams Road location after a woman reported that on July 29 she had received a request from SafeLink for her last four digits of her Social Security number in order to secure more minutes for her government-issued cell phone. The woman said she complied but was told on August 9 that she would receive no more minutes because a person in California was using her Social Security number to secure minutes for another government issued cell phone.

On August 16 a theft by taking complaint was filed at a Mergendollar Road location after a man reported that someone had entered his property and removed a John Deere Hydro 165 riding mower.

On August 16 a disorderly conduct complaint was filed at a Saffold Road, Buckhead, location after a man alleged that his father sparked a fight that spilled into the living room of the residence. According to reports, the man said he was attempting to go to his room and his father intercepted him and grabbed him by the throat. The father said the son was in a bad mood when he arrived at the house and that the two began to argue soon after the son arrived with his mother.

On August 15 a domestic violence complaint was filed at a Holland Springs Road location after a woman alleged that during an argument with a man the man held a gun to the woman’s head. Reports state that the woman “appeared to be under the influence of alcohol” and that she told officers it wasn’t the first time the man had held a gun to her head on that day. Deputies spoke to the man who told them that a fight had ensued regarding the woman’s drinking. The man, who reports state appeared to be sober, told deputies that he told the woman if she was going to drink she needed to leave. He also asked the woman in the presence of the officers, if he had held a gun to her head and she allegedly said “no.” The woman was transported to her mother’s residence and the mother was told to attempt to keep the woman from the man’s Holland Springs Road residence.

On August 15 Michael Jason Beatenbaugh, 32, Buckhead, was arrested and charged with battery. According to reports, deputies were called to a domestic disturbance at the Reid’s Ferry Road residence. A woman at the residence alleged that Beatenbaugh spit in her face, called her derogatory names, made her trip and fall by kicking her broken leg, punched her in the back of her head, neck and hit her in the ear. The woman alleged that Beatenbaugh was under the influence of methamphetamine and often yelled at children and told the woman that he’s “a pimp, he will never get caught.” While officers were at the residence another man took officers into a detached garage and retrieved several small plastic bags, one of which contained suspected methamphetamine, a glass pipe and a pistol. The man said the pistol belonged to Betenbaugh and that they had hid the weapon from him because of his erratic behavior.

On August 14 a civil issue report was filed at a Fairplay Road, Rutledge, residence after a woman told deputies that in January she had given a man her 1993 Honda with the understanding that the man was going to purchase the vehicle from her. The complainant said the man returned the vehicle to her on August 14 on back of a rollback truck. The woman said the man never paid for the vehicle and that the vehicle was missing a tag, a CD player, Honda center caps on the wheels, a battery and a jack.

On August 14 Damon Wayne Palmer, 17, Eatonton, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and criminal trespass after he allegedly drove to a Riverwoods Drive location and attempted to engage in a fight with another male.

On August 13 a fraudulent telephone solicitation report was filed at a Reids Ferry Road, Buckhead, location after a woman reported that she had received a text from a man she believed was a former high school classmate. The man told her, via text, he had “good news” that Facebook had sent him $150,000 and when he received the money he noticed her name and profile on the shipping list. The man directed the woman to a website and the woman said she went to the website and spoke with a “Taylor Davis” who told the woman she needed to give him her bank account information, name, address and bank name in order to collect the money. The woman was advised to contact her bank immediately and close the account and monitor the rest of her credit profile.

On August 12 a simple battery complaint was filed at a Sandy Creek Road residence after a woman reported that a man entered her residence and told her she owed him $80. The woman said she told the man she did not owe him money and the man allegedly choked her and struck her.

On August 12 Joseph Rudolph Machos, 51, Lexington, S.C. was arrested and charged with burglary. According to reports, he allegedly entered the rear entrance of a Jefferson Court, Buckhead residence and closed the door “as if he lived there.” People at the residence said they told him several times to leave but he hesitated. An officer located Machos at approximately 11:30 p.m. at a Morgan Drive location where a man told officers he had been knocking at his door and that he was unfamiliar with Machos. Machos told the officer that he was searching for a woman he had met on Facebook and that he had her business card put in a “special place.” He told the officer he entered the back door of the Jefferson Court residence because “the front door was for company, the back door was for family and friends.” The deputy asked Machos if he had the Facebook friend’s phone number and he said he did but that his phone had been flushed down a toilet at his South Carolina home. Machos was wearing Dockers dress pants, a dark blue button down shirt with a music symbol on the pocket and black dress shoes.

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