“No one, including my daddy, who is 92, says they can remember getting this much rain in the summer”

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper

I can remember that most every summer in the past several years that farmers would have literally given a million dollars (if they had it!) to get even half the rain we have gotten this summer. No one, including my daddy, who is 92, says they cannot ever remember getting this much rain in the summer. It is something else. We poured out 4 inches on this Monday morning, which is 23 days worth of rain.  Unbelievable! These are those good soaking rains that are seeping down deep in the earth that really, really help. On Saturday night, something woke me up about 2:45 in the morning. When I tried to look at the clock, it was black. Looking around, it was pitch black everywhere. No electricity! I walked to the kitchen with the light of the cell phone and found a flashlight to call Central Ga. EMC. The recording said it had already been reported. I knew they needed to know because milking time was soon approaching. Well, they still had to use the tractor with the generator, because the electricity didn’t come back on until 7 in the morning. I hadn’t heard any thunder, lightning or anything! I have never seen it so dark as it was that night, and usually we can hear traffic on I-20, but there was hardly any to be heard on Saturday night. It was quite eerie! The next day Bruce saw where a tree had fallen across a wire on Bethany Road on the Orr place right before you get to Willow Oak Farm. There have been a lot of trees that have fell this year because of the drought in years past. Electricity is wonderful and I think for the most part it is still a bargain. It is one of the great inventions!

For a few days and nights this past week, we could just open the windows and not use the air conditioner; the weather was absolutely heavenly! It was heavenly for working outside and I am thankful for that because I was sorely and woefully behind in yard work! There is nothing like a looming club meeting at your home that will spur you into action! The Fairview Club will be here on this Wednesday. I will write it up next week.

We extend our deepest sympathy to the Harper family in Brownwood as just around five weeks after laying to rest their brother, Ray Harper, another brother, Jamie Harper, 51, also passed away this past week after a sudden illness. It is quite unbelievable. We all saw Jamie as we were visiting with the family when Ray passed away and he was fine. You never, never know. Jamie and his friend had fixed up the family’s old chicken houses with paint and utilizing old things into a beautiful gathering place for all the family. They had put in a kitchen, bath, and a gathering room where they all enjoyed having get-togethers for the family and for friends, along with a back porch that overlooked a beautiful yard with flowers and a lake. They had a garden that you wouldn’t believe, picture perfect, that was producing to beat the ban. They enjoyed coming down from their jobs in Atlanta almost every weekend to this quiet retreat. Jamie loved his family and they loved him and he wanted to have a place where they could all be together. He will be greatly missed.

I have also just learned this morning that Doris Huff, the wife of the late Coach Huff, has passed away. I will write more about this next week also. We do extend our sympathy to all of the family at this time.

We’re glad to report that Laurie Lewis was able to come home on Saturday and is doing well, but having to take it quite easy; Dean Strange had significant improvement this past week, but please continue to pray that this will continue; Ally Nash is going through intense rehab and she is also making slow, but sure, improvement, but certainly needs our continued earnest prayers. Please pray for all of them who are caring for these patients also. They also need God’s strength and guidance.

Rebecca and Ryan Morgan announce the birth of their little girl, GeorgiaAnn Helen, this past Friday morning, Aug. 16th. She weighed 8 lbs., 1 oz. and was 20 inches long. GeorgiaAnn is welcomed home by her two big brothers, Christopher and Colton. Grandparents are Sally and John Hensley and Pam and Sam Morgan. Congratulations to all!

Rip and Emelyn Wilson entertained all of their boys and their families and grandchildren on Sunday evening as they all celebrated Marlee Malcom’s birthday! Mrs. Nancy West also joined the family for this occasion. Happy Birthday, Marlee! Little Emmie Maddox started playschool this past week.

The Bearden children had lunch in Commerce this past week.  Elizabeth and Guy Thurmond of Piedmont, S.C., Joyce Bearden and her friend, Barbara Walker, Jim and Carrie Bearden of Atlanta, and Mary and Frank Eaton all enjoyed seeing each other and catching up.

Mark and Frank’s grandson, Matthew Maddox, has entered the freshmen class of the business school at Lee University in Cleveland, Tenn.

Jennifer and JD Bonner enjoyed getting away this past week up to Cherokee, N.C., where they enjoyed some fishing and sightseeing.

Andrea and Gerald Cathey also enjoyed spending the week in Hilton Head, N.C. Scott and Katja Seiger also enjoyed some time away at Hilton Head. Katja, being from Switzerland, doesn’t get to see the ocean over there, so she really enjoyed it!

Gloria and William Crew attended the Malcom family reunion up at Hard Labor Creek on Sunday.

Ben Porter competed in two goat shows this past weekend in Athens, the Bulldawg Bonanza and the UGA Block and Bridle Summer Classic. He won two classes and moved on to win Reserve of the heavyweight division with his doe and third overall with his wether. On Sunday, Ben competed in sheep shows. He won Grand Champion for the Bulldog Bonanza and got third high overall in the UGA Summer Classic. He also won 10th grade showmanship. Good job, Ben, and a big congratulations!

This Friday evening, Morgan County Farm Bureau will be hosting the local county show for lambs and goats. It starts at 6 p.m. On Saturday, the Morgan County Ag Center will be hosting the North Central Lamb Show. It starts at 11 a.m. Come out and see some good showing by the 4-H’ers and support these Morgan County youth.

We also want to congratulate Jeff Campbell, who is married to the former Marci Porter, as he was named the Grand Championship of the Classic City BBQ Festival in Athens on this past Saturday. Jeff has captured many awards with his barbecue venture which he has named “Wicked Que.” We send out a hearty congratulations to Jeff! Good work!

Tommy and Raynor Cathey along with their grandson, Jake Harris, attended the funeral service for Raynor’s cousin in Germantown, Tenn. last weekend.  They are now taking the scenic route to returning Jake to his parent’s home in Texas.  They were in Hot Springs, Arkansas on this Monday, which they say is a very interesting city.

We have some new neighbors who have moved into Peggy and Frank Armor’s home here on Bethany Road, and Blanche and Jake Wilson also have some new neighbors from Conyers who have moved across the road from them into Mrs. Jesse Eller’s former home. I am working on getting names, maybe by next week! I do want to know!

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