Rutledge considers amending ordinances

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By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

During the August meeting of the Rutledge City Council, Chuck Jarrell and Tara Cooner from the Morgan County Planning Department spoke to the council about considering plans to amend Rutledge zoning ordinances to reflect changes in state and county ordinances.

Rutledge’s current ordinances regarding personal care facilities in residential areas, project entrances, animals in residential areas and mobile homes, among others were brought up as ordinances that should be looked at if the council decides to amend some of their zoning ordinances.

Jarrell recommended that the city address all relevant ordinance amendments as “one blanket text amendment” in order to prevent dragging out the adoption process.

The council asked that Jarrell provide them with amendment recommendations to consider, and, once the City receives the recommendations and provides feedback on them, Jarrell will draft the proposed amendments and bring them back before the council, before going through the process of formal adoption.

Jarrell also noted that it had been several years since Rutledge adopted an updated official zoning map and suggested that the council tackle that project as well.

The council also discussed the water system repairs that will be taking place on August 26 at the intersection of West Main and Fairplay Street.

The project, which consists of repairing and installing water shutoff valves at the before mentioned location, will create the need for residents to boil all water used for cooking or drinking for a minimum period of 24 hours once water service is returned.

The repairs are scheduled for the time period between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. on August 26 and will affect residents and businesses on Old Mill Road and West Main, Fairplay, Wiiliams, Hillis, Kelley, and McDonough Streets, as well as residents of The Falls subdivision.

Additionally, traffic will be routed around the interstection of West Main and Fairplay Street during the date and times noted above.

The City of Rutledge sent out a notice to all Rutledge water utility accounts on Aug. 19 informing them about the repairs.

Planning Dept. says changes are needed: In order to be up to state and county regulations, ordinances relating to personal care facilities in residential areas, project entrances, animals in residential areas and mobile homes have to be changed.

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