The August weather seems to dominate the conversation

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice

Seems all the conversations these days are about the weather and “I don’t ever remember an August being like this.”

It sure rained in this area, seems the whole weekend. I’ve never known of Lake Oconee getting out of its banks. I pray not.

Even so with all the weather we had a great weekend as our three grandsons were here and celebrated their tradition of being together for their birthdays; as they were all born on the same day, it’s only natural that they care so much for each other and want to be together, and I feel so honored that they choose to do it here with us.

It has truly been a great weekend. This is Monday, their actual birthday, but we’ve celebrated all weekend. I served a huge breakfast for them. I think the three of them ate about eight biscuits each, but that’s OK. Grandmama loves to cook for them.

Sunday, I don’t think we had rain. The choir did a special program for the musical part with Butch following with his message from Ecclesiastes 2, the swan song of evaluation in the life of Solomon, “Bringing out the meaning and purpose of life.” Sunday night his message was taken from Psalm 14: 1-7.

Why not join us on Wednesday nights as we are in the beginning of the study in Romans, about 7:15. We will again be serving a supper for a small charge, don’t know the exact price yet, but that begins with this coming Wednesday night at 6:30. We have special studies for the kids up to 12th grade, the boys led by Rusty Johnson and the girls with Shannon Busbee.

I was so sorry to hear that Carol Ward has had such a time with recent surgery. I wish the best for her and pray she will heal and overcome. Also, we send our sympathy to the James Harper family, a young relative of Ricky and Becky Stovall, who recently lost his life.

We had a good turn-out to go with us to Cornish Mountain Baptist Church on Thursday. Our choir sang for the revival and we thank them for having us. Our choir is not very large, but we have strong voices.

A date has tentatively been set for the New Apostles to be with us on a Saturday night in September. I need to confirm this date and will tell you about it next week.

Gayle, Jimmy, Susanne and Anna came down on Sunday to visit with the North Carolina and Virginia boys. Gayle contributed birthday cakes for them; thanks, Gayle. That helped me so much.

Not much to write about this week; if you have news, please contact me and I will be so glad to write about it in my column.

Anniversary blessings to my grandchildren, Trae and Amber Holmes who will celebrate on the 29th.

So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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