The Before Picture: Construction begins on new $1M-plus Morgan County Fire and EMS station

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A scene from the new construction at the Public Safety Complex. Photo by Jesse Walker

A scene from the new construction at the Public Safety Complex. Photo by Jesse Walker

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

Right now, the 12,800 square feet of unfinished space located near the back of the Morgan County Public Safety Complex (PSC) looks like just a few dusty walls spotted with heaps of raw materials, but, in just a few months, the room will be transformed into the new headquarters for the Morgan County Fire Department, as well as the Morgan County station for National EMS.

Kevin Price General Contractors will be in charge of the construction project, which will be funded by more than $1 million in Morgan County SPLOST funds.

Although construction on the new station just began this month, Morgan County Fire Chief Mark Melvin eagerly anticipates the completion of the project, which he expects will be either at the end of this year or the beginning of 2014.

The new location at the PSC will serve as the headquarters for the Morgan County Fire Department as well as a new fire station in its own right, which Melvin stated will be “Station 16.”

The current headquarters for the Morgan County Fire Department, located at 1640 Mission Road, Madison, will become a volunteer fire station once Station 16 and the new headquarters at the PSC are operational.

Melvin stated that the PSC, as a new fire station location, will allow the Morgan County Fire Department better access to key roadways close to Madison, including Highways 278 and 441.

According to a preliminary floor plan for the station area, the apparatus bay constructed at the PSC will include three hangar doors for two fire engines and two EMS vehicles.

The station area will also include a day room, a kitchen, fire and EMS offices, laundry and restroom facilities and sleeping quarters for seven: four fire bunks and three EMS bunks.

Additionally, administrative offices, which were designed for use by the Morgan County Fire Department, will be constructed near the front face of the PSC, separated from the station itself. There will also be offices for National EMS and the Morgan County Emergency Management Agency.

Melvin also stated that a new walkway and entrance will be created on the face of the PSC in order to provide direct outside access for the administrative offices constructed for the Morgan County Fire Department.

According to Melvin, the new station for National EMS, which will be housed with Fire Station 16, manifests the agreement between Morgan County and National EMS, which states that Morgan County must provide a station for National EMS’s use.

With only a few months dividing the bare bones of the current structure at the PSC and the fully completed station, Melvin wants to fully document the progression of construction, and show that the fire department still has “room to expand.”

Upon the completion of the construction project, Melvin plans on holding an open house for the public to show off the their new station.

That way, stated Melvin, the fire department can “show the people what their SPLOST money is going to.”

A New Space: The new Morgan County Fire Department and National EMS facility will open late this year or early next year. When completed, an open house will be held.

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