Bro. Ron looks to Psalms 138 for message, “How to face God in troubles or difficulties”

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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

By Margie Ward

Attendance on Sunday morning was good we were glad to see some of the older members back after being out for different reasons. We were blessed as several visitors came to worship with us. We pray they received a blessing and were encouraged by being with us and will come and be with us again as God leads. We welcome anyone that does not have a regular church home to come worship with us. Our hearts and doors are always open to you.

The Call to Worship by the choir was, “No Other Name.” Bro. Ron had prayer, welcome and announcements. The choir’s special was, “I’ll Fly Away.”

Before the message Bro. Ron asked for praise/ or testimonies and several were given for God’s many blessings to them.

Bro Ron’s message, “How to Face God in Troubles or Difficulties,” Psalms 138. Psalms is an open hymn book. David wrote many of the Psalms; he went through many rough times with troubles and difficulties in his life. David opened this chapter with giving thanks to God with all his heart, he sung praises. He said, in the presence of trouble the Lord is to be worshipped. God created us to worship God, not some fake god. We need to worship God with humility and reverence. God is as good as His word. He is a merciful God; He is merciful to all of us. We can come to Him anytime with anything by faith believing He’s an all seeing, all knowing God and will be with us in time of troubles, difficulties or uncertainties. We have a promise from God He will protect us from the hand of the enemy. God will accomplish in our life what we need. What concerns us concerns God and we praise Him for it all.

Sunday night at 6 p.m. Bro. Ron continued the study of Romans 12. “Our relationship to Family of God and Others.” Have sound judgment and proper view of self and others, have sound judgment and renew our minds, have unity, think alike, be in one accord.

Next Sunday night, Sept. 1 at 6 p.m. Brownwood will have a called conference.

Tuesday night, Sept. 3, there will be a planning meeting at 7 p.m. all department heads and church officers need to be there.

AWANA regular season at Brownwood begins Wednesday night, Set. 4, 6:45-8 p.m.

Janice Cronic visited Margie Ward on Wednesday night.

Peggy Harper visited with her sisters, Pat Bland and Bonnie Johnson in Alabama on Thursday and Friday. They had a fun time shopping and dining.

Margie Ward visited Mary Jo Collins Tuesday afternoon at the Mews in Social Circle.

Thursday afternoon Carrie Knight, Ann Harrison and Margie Ward visited Carol Ward.

Operation Christmas Child shoebox items for September are toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss, solid deodorant, wash cloths and soap.

Margie Ward visited Ernest Ward Saturday afternoon.


Burying your talents is a grave mistake.

Humble pie may taste awful but it contains much nourishment.

A worm is the only thing that can’t stumble.

Freedom starts by kneeling at the cross.

Knowing God makes us humble; knowing ourselves keeps us humble.

Take your honors and rewards lightly.

Before God exalts a person, he humbles him.

To reach the mountain of fame one must go through the valley of humility.

Those who would build high must remain low.

The branches that bear the most fruit hang the lowest.

The closer people get to God the lower they will be in their own esteem God expects the whole heart but He will accept a broken one.

No person will learn anything without first learning humility.

True humility is not looking down on yourself but looking up to Christ.

False humility is true ride.

It is strange but a big head is a sign of a small man.

A humble talent that is used is worth more than one of a genius that is idle.

Humility is that precious quality that makes us feel smaller as we grow greater.

God wants great men to be small enough to be used.

Happy and safe Labor Day!

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