Spike Dogs win against Jefferson, Walnut Grove, Prince Avenue

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MCHS hosted an event with Jefferson, Walnut Grove and Prince Avenue last week. Photo by Leila Dycus

MCHS hosted an event with Jefferson, Walnut Grove and Prince Avenue last week. Photo by Leila Dycus

By Leila Dycus, Intern

Home games tend to bring out the best in teams, and that was the case for the Morgan County High School varsity volleyball team this week.

“I feel like tonight we won all of our games, all of our matches, and we put forward a lot more effort then we have in the past, and for it to be the beginning of the season, it’s going to be great at the end of the season,” said team member Rosa Cox.

On Tuesday, Aug. 20 the varsity Lady Dogs welcomed Jefferson, Walnut Grove and Prince Avenue to the MCHS gym. The teams rotated between two courts faced each of the other three teams, giving them little time to rest between the matches.

Being on their home courts may have given the Bulldogs an advantage, but the teamwork they displayed was unmatched by the other three teams.

“I’m so proud of everybody tonight because we did really good and we communicated as a team and we really did good, especially for our first home game, to win all three games against Jefferson, Prince Avenue, and Walnut Grove. I’m so excited to see what the rest of the season brings,” said team member Paige Hilsman.

Morgan County began their winning streak taking on Jefferson in a three-set match-up. The second set proved to be the highlight of the match. A big block held Jefferson to a 22-15 lead over the Dogs.

MCHS made a comeback though, bringing the score to 23-21. Morgan County was determined to stick with the Dragons, tying the set at 24.

But it was Jefferson that pulled out the win in the set in overtime, 28-26. MCHS came back in the third set to win the match two games to one.

“I think that everybody played really good, and they really worked together and pulled together in their slumps, and they pulled out of their slumps. I just think it’s going to be a great season and I think that we can win state,” said injured player Riley Moss.

After the win over Jefferson, MCHS took on Walnut Grove. The first set proved to be hard on the Lady Dogs, beginning with a few out-of-bounds hits, giving Walnut Grove the early lead. The Warriors defeated the Dogs 25-23. In the second set Morgan County came back fired up and ready to redeem themselves. The Lady Bulldogs did just that, taking the set 25-19. The third set proved that the Dogs were not going to give up the match.

A huge save by Cox early on in the set helped get the team more pumped up. The Bulldogs won the set 25-13 over the Warriors.

Morgan County’s last opponent of the night was Prince Avenue. In this match-up Morgan easily won the first two sets, which kept them from having to play a third set to determine the winner. In the first set MCHS easily beat Prince with a score of 25-10. In the second set Prince Avenue put up a little more of a fight. However, it was MCHS in the end that pulled off the 25-13 win.

“I feel like tonight we worked as a team harder, and we conquered our victory. When we were in a hole we got out of the hole by working together and not getting our heads down,” said team member Taylor Bruce.

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