Tragedy shocks beloved Sugar Creek community

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice

I am truly having the worst time getting this article started today, been in a stupor for several days, but I will put something together. You might want to call it “shell shock.”

Sundays are always beautiful days regardless of what goes on outside. We were lucky and had a bright, sunshine-y day on Sunday. With many visitors in the church house and a good singing service and preaching hour, I’d say it was an exceptional day. Butch brought his message from the great book of Isaiah, chapter one, relating to Micah 6. Sunday night  we had a great practice for the choir, then a message from Psalm 32. Blessed by both messages. I guess I could say I was lifted up and fed.

What a shocking tragedy we’ve all experienced in our beloved Sugar Creek community as we heard the sad news of one of our own, James Vanwhy. Along with a few others, I had the loving pleasure to have him in my Sunday School class for several years and many times I’ve had that group of youth in my home and at the lake for various outings. These are some of my favorite memories of one that I loved so much. James  left this worldly life last week, much grief and sadness for all of us. We, the church, the community as a whole send our love and sympathy to this precious family. But oh, the memories we have to cherish and Facebook and friends have flourished with so many memories shared by others. Vicky, Jerry, and all the family, our most sincere thoughts and prayers go with you through this trying time.

Now, so much sickness in our church family. Please always remember Mr. O.L., Cliff, Mike, Marion, Charles, Patsy, unmentionable others and some I may not know of.

Ladies, don’t forget our next ladies’ meeting on Sept. 9 and don’t forget your items for our Military Project: writing paper, envelopes, pens, chapstick and baby wipes. Bring these to the next meeting.

We also had another tragedy in our family last week. I probably met this man when he was small, but lost contact with him. The great grandson of my cousin, Sandra Darby Britt, and also an old school friend,  Doris Bowman Rose, was in a tragic accident in Tennessee, just graduated from college at the young age of 20, was killed on Thursday.

So many to grieve for him as we are from a large family. I send my love and sympathy to his family at this sad time.

Oh, but I do have some good news: we are finally set up to have the New Apostles, gospel group from  the area of Greensboro and Crawfordville, Union Point, on Saturday night, Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. We’ve had them booked before and had to cancel due to a death. We all are looking forward to hearing them again. Please mark your calendar now and plan to be with us to hear them.

Pam and Larry Webb from Adairsville visited with us recently. We miss seeing them and all our Buice relatives who were so faithful to our yearly reunions. Also, James and I visited with Alfred and Maudie Buice in Monticello. If you remember, Alfred is 90 years old and has fought lung cancer with radiation treatments. I think he won this battle.

Even thought he’s lost 35 or 40 pounds, I was amazed at how well he looks and gets around, perkier than me. This visit made us feel so much better after seeing him. He’s been well taken care of  by his bride of maybe 10 years.

We are enjoying our study in Romans on Wednesday nights. Plan to come and receive a blessing.

If any of my readers are having an overabundance of preserving pears anywhere close to me – I hope so. If you have more than you need, please contact me as I’d sure like some. I only have one jar left from last year. Seems to be a favorite with every member of my family. 706-342-7549 and thanks in advance.

Happy anniversary to Ginny and Danny Bell and to Betty and Cliff Walker on Sept. 1.

And did I say happy birthday to Chris Bell? I understand Ginny cooked a birthday dinner for him on Sunday.

“For me, the Bible isn’t a book of rules; it’s a voyage of self-discovery.” (From Guideposts)

So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

Performance by the New Apostles Gospel group from the area of Greensboro, Crawfordville, Union Point. Saturday, Sept. 14, 6 p.m.

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