BOC OKs $459k bid to pave and stripe Weaver Jones Road

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By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

During the Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) meeting on Aug. 3, the BOC approved a bid by Pittman Construction for $459,000 to pave and stripe the 2.7 miles that make up Weaver Jones Road.

BOC Chair Ellen Warren said during the meeting, “I have been waiting for this for eight years.”

“This was no easy task. It has taken a long time,” continued Warren, who said that the 40 or so families live on that road will be very happy to see the road paved.

“I always said, if I got this paved, I’d quit and go home… but I lied,” said Warren.

The funds for the paving project will come from this fiscal year’s SPLOST funds.

The BOC also approved a quote from Metropolitan Communications for a VHF Digital Radio System for the acquisition and implementation of the system for almost $380,000.

Tim Jones, CEO of The Great American Enterprise, Inc., which owns Metropolitan Communications, stated that he was asked by Morgan County Fire Chief Mark Melvin to come in and suggest what type of radio system would be best for Morgan County’s needs.

Jones said that a digital system is the “way to go,” and the proposed plan gives two sites for transmitter locations: a 340-foot tower located at 1141 Pierce Dairy Road, madison, and the water tower in Bostwick.

Used concrete communication shelters will be purchased for $10,000 a piece, and will be delivered to the two proposed transmitter locations. Purchasing used buildings is “cost-saving for the County,” stated Melvin, as is the use of currently existing locations for transmission.

The BOC approved a contract with Craig Baker, owner of the property at 1141 Pierce Dairy Road, Madison, who will allow the use of his tower in exchange for $500 per month.

Melvin estimates that Morgan County will be able to use the system proposed by Metropolitan Communications for the next seven to eight years, at which time he hopes to be able to upgrade to a 700 megahertz system, which will be a “multimillion” dollar project.

County Manager Michael Lamar stated that the $380,000 for the VHF system will come from “money in existing SPLOST” funds.

“It’s much better than what we currently have,” said Melvin.

The BOC also approved the text amendment to the Morgan County Zoning Ordinance regarding group homes in the Agricultural Residential Zoning District, which was proposed by Camp Twin Lakes, Inc. and recommended by the Planning Commission during their last meeting.

Camp Twin Lakes, Inc. also received a conditional use permit from the BOC allowing them to build their proposed group home at 1391 Keencheefoonee Road, Rutledge.

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