Corridor Design Commission approves DQ plans at special called meeting

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By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

During a special called meeting held on Sept. 3, the Corridor Design Commission (CDC) approved the construction plans for a Dairy Queen (DQ) at 1940 Eatonton Road, Madison, as part of the first phase of a three-phase development at 1910, 1920 and 1940 Eatonton Road, Madison. The vote was held up by a week because the CDC lacked a quorum during their regular meeting, which was held on Aug. 27.

The members of the CDC that attended the Aug. 27 meeting discussed the final adjustments to the site plan that had occurred before the meeting, including the addition of the phase one boundary on the overall site plan and the inclusion of the shared parking access, drainage and utility easements on the overall site plan.

The updated plans also reflected the CDC’s request that the skirt and chimney accent of the building be built out of brick instead of stacked stone, which is the material that is typically used on those fixtures by DQ.

Abe Abouhamdan, president and CEO of ABE Consulting, Inc, stated during the meeting that, although finding a brick material that matched the look of the stacked stone, he was happy to make the adjustments necessary for the CDC’s approval.

During the Aug. 27 meeting, the CDC asked Abouhamdan to withdraw the use of exterior strip lighting that was indicated on the DQ construction plan because the CDC has not previously approved any type of exterior tube illumination.

Abouhamdan withdrew the strip lighting, later requesting that they be able to install the strip lighting “for appearance” but not use it for the purpose of illumination. Administrative approval of additional exterior lighting fixtures was allowed by the CDC.

The CDC also weighed in on the vegetation coverage surrounding the dumpster and refrigeration units, noting that the continued presence of vegetation in those areas factored into their approval.

Since no quorum was available at the Aug. 27 meeting, the CDC was forced to call a special called meeting on Sept. 3, so that the construction could begin as soon as possible.

Abouhamdan stated during the Aug. 27 meeting that he intended to file for permits this week, pending approval.

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