Greene County in Morgan’s headlights

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Next Up The MCHS Dogs play arch-rival the Greene County Tigers this Friday, Sept. 6 at Bill Corry Stadium, 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $7 at the door.

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

“It’s a one-week season,” says MCHS football Head Coach Bill Malone, who pauses to see if he needs to explain himself.

He does.

This is what he means: during the course of the 2013 football season, the coaching staff and athletes are taking the perspective of looking at each game as its own little season.

The 35-7 victory over Monticello last Friday night was the culmination of the first one-week season… of the season.

And as soon as that one ended, a new season began against the Greene County Tigers.

Despite Greene County’s 6-28 loss to Putnam last Friday, Coach Malone sees Greene as a potent opponent, who always has a chance of overpowering Morgan County on sheer emotion.

“They’re our arch-rival,” said Malone, adding that the continuing rivalry between the two teams leads to “emotional practices and emotional games” for both sides.

“We expect a really good game from Greene,” continued Malone.

Morgan County beat Greene 26-7 last year in Greene County. The last time the Tigers beat the Bulldogs was in 2006.

Looking back to the Monticello game, Coach Malone addressed Sam Couch’s outstanding performance, which included one interception and two touchdowns.

“We look forward to being able to coach him over the next three years,” said Malone. “Sam is one that we really count on.”

As a sophomore this year, Couch hasn’t developed the size that Malone expects he will over the next couple of years, but Coach Malone said that the fact that “he’s really not a big kid” only accentuates his performances on the field.

Coach Malone also praised the way Trent Hawk has stepped up as a team leader so far in his senior year.

“Trent’s leadership is fantastic,” said Malone. “I’m proud of that.”

“Trent is very versatile,” continued Malone. “I want to use him in a variety of ways. You should expect to see Coach Robbins put him in position to throw the ball.”

Already slipping from his “one-week season” philosophy, Coach Malone also took a few seconds to talk about the Putnam County team, who the Dogs will be facing on Sept. 13 at home.

Malone said that there was early concern that the Putnam County team would be very young this year, but they have already shown themselves to be contenders against Greene last Friday night.

“Putnam is going to be tremendous in a couple of years,” said Malone.

Putnam in a couple of years, however, is seasons upon seasons away, according to the “one-week season” mentality.

This week’s season ends tomorrow night after four quarters face-to-face with the Greene County Tigers. Come out to Bill Corry Stadium for kickoff at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are only $7 at the door.

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