“Quiet, country living” in Rutledge

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Elizabeth Rockhill

Elizabeth Rockhill

Music in the Park David Clemens, guitar and vocals. This concert was previously rescheduled due to rain. This is the make-up performance. Friday, Sept. 13, 7-9 p.m.

By Elizabeth Rockhill

When we moved from Atlanta to Rutledge, I had some lifestyle adjustments to make and my friends in Atlanta, while supportive, looked at me like I was crazy to give up the Hotlanta life. Recently I was asked how I was taking to the “quiet country life in a small town?” I just smiled and gave them a taste of what I’ve been up to the last few weeks.

Last night we dined and danced to the Tim Cadiere Band under the stars in the Rutledge Park. There was great music, good food, lots of good friends and the weather was perfect. It was a lot more fun than an evening at Chastain in Atlanta. There is free music every Friday night in Rutledge during the summer.

On Saturdays, we usually meet friends at The Caboose for lunch. However, last Saturday I missed our regular lunch “meeting” because I went to an auction in Madison and that evening we attended the Festival of Friends benefiting the Morgan County hospital. The evening started with cocktails and a silent auction at the conference center below Town 220, followed by several themed dinners. We went to “Cleared for Takeoff” at the Madison airport. We arrived to see two small planes flying low for our benefit. They taxied right up to the hangars where we were dining and dancing to a wonderful swing band. I had fun dressing in 1940s attire. Most everyone there was in costume and having a marvelous time.

Of course I can’t forget my meeting of the Rutledge Garden Club every month. This month I co-hosted a fun Mexican fiesta. We always, always have great food and a fabulous time when the Dirt Girls get together, but we also work hard to help beautify Rutledge and make it the wonderful small town that it is.

Speaking of beautifying, we have been renovating our home and I have been up to my ears in paint while Sim does all the hard stuff, like plumbing, electrical and tile work. After what seems like ages, we finished with the construction part, so we had a party for the construction crew and their families. It was a ton of fun, but even with 30 people, that left us with a half a ton of leftovers. The obvious solution was another party the next night. No problem, I just called several friends, explained my dilemma, and we had another great time. They were understanding that the house is a work in progress and I was serving “leftovers.” I cannot wait to be finished with everything (especially painting window and door trim) and have my furniture out of storage so I can entertain all the wonderful people who invited us over for dinner and made us feel so welcome here.

I also can’t wait to finish so I can have guests from Atlanta come stay with us, show off Rutledge, and let them see firsthand just how much fun “country living” really is.

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