“We are thankful to have something to labor over…”

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper

I hope everyone had a happy Labor Day and didn’t labor too hard! We enjoyed having our crowd along with Mama and Daddy over for some ribs and trimmings which everyone else brought. The menfolks worked the morning getting some cows feet trimmed and manicured and then after lunch everyone went back to “laboring” with different kinds of chores. We are thankful we have something to labor over and are able to labor. Praise the Lord!

One day this week, Raegan came from school telling me that if the teacher approved they might have a pet day in her room where all the students could bring a pet to show the class. She was a little distraught, because she wished she had an unusual pet that she could show off. She has a little Chihuahua  puppy who she loves dearly, but she also dearly wishes she had a hamster, a bird, or she even mentioned a snake, of all things, that she could take to school. She wanted me to think of someone who had one of these that she could take; well, I couldn’t think of anyone. I told her that she should have been around when her mama and sister and brothers were little and growing up here. One of these, who shall be nameless (for my own protection, mainly!), had some of these during the growing-up years. We had at least two or three hamsters, a parakeet, a rabbit, a duck and a guinea, and even raised an incubator full of baby quail. Those hamsters were pros in getting out of their cages, I don’t care how careful you thought you were being. And they would always do it around bedtime. Well, I will tell you, there was no way I was crawling in bed and cutting out the lights with that little creature running around. I would have had a heart attack in the bed! Those little devils could hide like nobody’s business; they would get behind a cabinet, the dishwasher, behind a piece of furniture that took two or three people to move and by the time you moved it, he would sneak out and go hide somewhere else. We caught all of them before we all got in the bed instead of the last time and the last hamster. We never, never did find it and I finally had to go to bed and admit defeat. He either found his way outside or something. There are probably mutated hamster-mice out there somewhere. But that was the last straw! Never again! Raegan really wants a hamster or she thinks she does. We will see! I don’t know if she will be able to talk her Mama into that or not! I told her that maybe Papa would see a turtle somewhere that we could keep in a box for a little while. Turtles are harmless enough, aren’t they?

Please continue to remember Dean Strange and Allie Nash as they are both undergoing intensive rehab at their respective facilities. They have both come a long way, but they both have a long way to go, also. On almost every update that Sara Nash, Allie’s mother, puts up, she quotes a Bible verse. One of them was Job 5:9. “He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed; miracles that cannot be counted.” I loved that verse. Sara and Roland Nash as well as Cathy Strange, Dean’s wife, are a great testimony for the Lord as they faithfully stand by and care for their loved ones during their time of sickness and need. You never, never know what God will call upon you to do or what you will have to go through, but just remember God is always, always with you. My cousin, Bunnie, has said during her time of sickness recently, “I will Praise God in the storm,” and well we should.

Please remember Bobby McAllister in your prayers as he is having health problems at this time.

Janice and Chuck Phillipi along with Rebekah and Grayson Kilpatrick attended the first birthday party for their grandson and nephew, Cooper Phillip, on Saturday up in Monroe. Cooper is the son of Jonathan and Jenna Phillipi. Happy Birthday, Cooper!

We also wish Gracin Wilkins, daughter of Luke and Emily Wilkins, a very happy birthday as she turned 13 years old on Labor Day!

Steve and Sarah Nell Craig went to Acworth on Saturday where they babysat their grandchildren, Peyton, and the twin girls, while their parents, Aaron and Stephanie Kenny, went out to celebrate Stephanie’s birthday.

Rev. and Mrs. Michael Ventrello of Bethany along with their children attended a family wedding in South Carolina over the past weekend.

Brownie and Tammy Wilson were at Jekyll Island over the Labor Day weekend holiday. John and Teddy Sue Wilson were at St. Simons Island over the weekend. The Matt Wilson family attended a high school rodeo in Summerville over the weekend in which Marlee Malcom participated.

Shannon, Chip, and Ben Porter enjoyed the Labor Day weekend at the Lake Oconee Home of Bill and Sue Hodges.

Will Porter and the other members of the Georgia state-winning dairy judging team – Jay Moon, Claire Woodard, and Victoria Cagle – all spent the Labor Day weekend in Maryland at the Maryland State Fair where they judged 24 classes of dairy cattle. This was a warm-up for the National Judging competition to be held in Wisconsin in October. While on the trip they also toured the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Hershey, Pa., as well as doing other sightseeing. They rode the plane up with Dean Anglin, who is the Dean for the College of Agriculture at UGA. Dean Anglin treated the team to dinner at his families’ Peruvian Restaurant after arriving in Maryland. All the team had a great time on this trip!

Dale and Howard Thompson along with Claudia Giddens of Haines City, Fla. have returned from a long and wonderful trip to the New England States during August. They left out on Aug. 7th and returned on Aug. 30th. They were in Claudia’s big 36-foot-long motor home! They all enjoyed visiting with Dale’s boys and their families, Joey and Jody Hutton, on the way and on the way back in New Castle, Va., which they loved. They went on up into Maine, which included Bar Harbor, the L.L. Bean store, Moorhead Lake and to Dexter, Maine, where they visited for eight days with Dale’s brother, Wilfred and Barbara Murray, her favorite uncle, Darrell Murray, as well as other relatives. They also went to the town of Bath, Maine, the Maine Maritime Museum, and Old Orchard Beach. Dale said they ate a lot of lobster as it was very inexpensive up there. The trip also included sight-seeing trips to Maryland, Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. They went to the Arlington Cemetery, several Smithsonian museums, the American History Museum, the Lincoln Memorial, ate at the Hard Rock Cafe in Washington, D.C., and also rode the subway to downtown Washington, which she said was quite scary. They also spent one night in Newbury, N.Y. In Hershey, Pa., they toured the Hershey Chocolate Factory. And that’s not all… on the way home they went to Mount Airy, N.C. and toured Mayberry, the home of the Andy Griffith Show. They got to ride in a replica of Barney Fife’s deputy car, Andy Griffith’s childhood home, and Wally’s service station. Whew, what a trip! She said it was wonderful and she doesn’t think they could have packed another thing into it. Dale and Howard also celebrated their 35th anniversary on Aug. 26th, right before they got home! Claudia left Sunday morning to return to Haines City to rest up and plan the next trip! Good times!

Bethany Baptist Church will have “sweet fellowship” this coming Sunday night to honor Ben and Gladys Watson who will be here visiting old friends and co-workers at The Source of Light Ministries.

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