Chevron in Buckhead targeted by burglars: Burglars knock a hole in brick wall to gain entry, open ATM and safe

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By Patrick Yost, Editor

Early morning burglars entered the Buckhead Chevron last Wednesday by knocking a hole in a brick wall and opened both an ATM machine and a safe before fleeing.

According to Morgan County Sheriff’s Office reports, someone knocked open a large hole through an exterior brick wall to the business. Prior to entering, reports state, telephone and power lines had been cut and security cameras on the exterior of the building were disabled.

Once inside, the suspects opened an ATM machine at the store and a safe before exiting the store and, deputies believe, fleeing through the woods to Interstate 20.

According to reports, burglary tools, a glove and a black sweat shirt were found on the east bound ramp of the Buckhead exit near the store. A deputy secured a sledge hammer and a crow bar on the exit.

An employee at the store told officers that when she arrived at open the store at 4:50 a.m. she noticed that a freezer had been pushed towards the front door, the power was off and the ATM machine was damaged. She also told officers that after she called 911 she heard someone running through the woods behind the store towards the interstate. When officers entered the store they located a large plastic bag filled with cartons of cigarettes near the hole in the brick wall.

On Friday, September 6 an employee at the store also told authorities that he had located a second black glove on the roof of the building.

A deputy also reported he had checked on the store at proximately 3:30 a.m. that morning and observed interior lights burning at the store.

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