Going to war to save face

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Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson

By Fred Johnson

President Obama declared a year ago that if Syria used chemical weapons they would be crossing a “red line” and it would be a “game changer.” After it seemed that Syria had crossed his red line, President Obama declared he was going to bypass Congress to make a military strike against Syria. Later that same day, he changed his mind and declared that he would ask Congress for authorization — right after they returned from their summer recess in two weeks.

The President asked the United Nations to sanction a strike against Syria and the UN voted no. Note that our Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers, did not attend the UN meeting because she was on vacation. The British Parliament voted not to support military action, the German government announced that they would not support military action and the Arab League insists military action “is out of the question” unless the United Nations gives the green light.

So, the President is asking Congress to approve military action without our allies and without a UN sanction.

President Obama assures us that the action is necessary. But two years ago he assured us that Obama Care would save the average family $2,500 a year and if you wanted to keep your current health care plan you could. Our support of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt turned out to be disastrous, resulting in the persecution of Christians until the military threw the Muslim Brotherhood out. Our military attack of Libya resulted in another jihadist stronghold with out of control armed groups terrorizing the country.

Our Secretary of State, John Kerry, tells us that the evidence of a chemical attack by the Assad regime is irrefutable. But he has also declared that the evidence of global warming is irrefutable even though the earth has been cooling for the last decade and this is the shortest summer on record for the artic. Recall that the State Department also told us that the attack on Benghazi was a spontaneous demonstration caused by a YouTube video.

Vladimir Putin says that John Kerry is lying about Syria and knows he is lying. Russia claims that the rebels were the ones that used chemical weapons, not the Syrian government. The New York Times has a video of rebel troops lining up captured government troops and shooting them in the back. The rebels also attacked the ancient Christian village of Maaloula, beheading priests and brutally killing others. So who are really the bad guys? And why is the US taking sides?

It appears that Congress will be asked to approve military action based on assurances from our President and our Secretary of State. Let’s hope Congress has learned better from our past experiences in Libya, Egypt and Benghazi.

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