Hicky, Crawford to square off in race for Madison’s District 2: Candidate John Stratton Hicky is serving on the city’s Historic Preservation Commission

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John Stratton Hicky

John Stratton Hicky

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

John Stratton Hicky has announced that he is running for the District 2 seat on the Madison City Council.

Hicky, a native of Madison and graduate of Morgan County High School, studied at the United States Naval Academy before serving for 22 years as an active duty U.S. Navy Officer.

Hicky earned a Master’s Degree in financial management from the Naval Post Graduate School in 1989 and specialized in budget formulation, execution, reporting and auditing with the Chief of Naval Operations before serving as the Business and Financial Manager (B/FM) of the SEAWOLF Submarine Program and as the Navy B/FM for the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization.

After retiring from the Navy, Hicky worked as a civilian contractor for the Missile Defense Agency in Washington, D.C.

In 2001, Hicky moved back to Madison with his wife, Bonnie, and his two daughters, Morgan and Dana. Hicky continued to travel back and forth from Washington, D.C. to work part-time until 2009.

Hicky became a member of Madison’s Historic Preservation Commission (HPC) in 2006 and has served on that commission ever since. He also attends mayor and city council meetings regularly.

“I have developed a long-term vision for Madison business and residential development that supports the growth of the community while preserving the characteristics that have made Madison unique,” said Hicky. “The challenge will continue to be balancing the goals of preservation of our town’s unique characteristics with the desire to attract more job and career opportunities in a thriving business community in and around our city.”

Hicky stated that, already, he has “not been shy about offering [his] opinions, suggestions, or just asking questions about issues brought up for public comment at city council meetings.”

Hicky is concerned that an emphasis on short-term gains may “detract from what Madison has become through careful long-range planning and development oversight,” but that his experience working with the Department of Defense has given him “an understanding of short-term versus long-term goals and planning.”

“I believe I can effectively incorporate the concepts and procedures I’ve learned within the context of historic preservation and my government service into the issues of zoning, business development and preservation of residential property values that the Madison City Council faces on a routine basis, and I look forward to working within the system towards these goals.”

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