Law Enforcement: Sept. 12, 2013 edition

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Morgan County Sheriff’s Office

On September 6 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Erice Jermaine Williams, 17, Madison. According to reports, Williams was observed at a Morgan County High School football game. A deputy stated that Williams has been banned from all Morgan County Board of Education property. Reports state that he left the game without incident.

On September 7 an information report was filed at a Godfrey Road location after a woman reported that her son had taken her vehicle without her permission. According to reports, the woman said the son was on intensive probation and should not be driving. She also said he had come home earlier from a restaurant and she believed he was intoxicated. The woman said she had just purchased a 2003 Nissan Altima and that the vehicle had no insurance.

On September 8 a use of force report was filed at the intersection of Georgia Highway 83 and Big Sandy Creek Lane after a deputy responded to a report of a motor vehicle striking a deer. According to reports, the deer was injured but still alive. The deputy reported that he fired three shots into the deer to dispatch the wounded animal.

On September 8 a harassing phone call complaint was filed at a Shakerag Road location after a man reported that after he recently lost his job his uncle had sent him threatening messages. The complainant said the uncle is a heavy drinker and marijuana user who said the complainant was a “loser” because he lost his job.

On September 8 an unruly child complaint was filed at a Cochran Road, Buckhead, location after a man reported that his daughter was attempting to hurt herself. Reports state that the daughter had superficial cuts on her arms. The daughter was taken to Morgan Memorial Hospital for a voluntary evaluation.

On September 7 Kenneth James Harp, 44, Buckhead, was arrested and charged with DUI, driving while license suspended and possession of cocaine. According to reports, a deputy observed Harp in a white Ford Ranger on Buckhead Road at 12:20 a.m. Consequent to interviewing Harp, reports state, the deputy allegedly observed Harp throw something on the floor of the vehicle. Following the DUI arrest, reports state, the deputy located a piece of suspected crack cocaine in the vehicle.

On September 6 a burglary complaint was filed at a Sewell Church Road, Rutledge, location after a man reported that when he arrived home he noticed his front door was damaged and open. According to reports, someone had entered the residence and removed a duffle bag with hunting clothing and knives, a gun safe that contained two rifles and a shotgun, antique watches and jewelry, a 20 gauge shotgun and a bow.

On September 5 a burglary complaint was filed at a Woodcraft Road, Buckhead location after a man reported that someone had entered his business and removed three barrels of copper wire. The wire is valued at $850.

On September 3 a 13-year-old male was arrested and charged with theft by receiving at Morgan County Middle School after he allegedly removed a cell phone from a fellow student’s book bag. According to reports, the phone was located and confiscated. The phone owner reported that in the time the phone was missing it had been damaged.

Madison Police Department

On September 3 a fraud complaint was filed at the Pilot Truck Stop, Eatonton Road, after a fraudulently cashed two checks worth more than $1,800. According to reports, a Green Bay, Wis.-based trucking company received a call from a person claiming to be a driver. The person requested the checks to pay for repair to a truck. After the checks were electronically sent, the person called the company again and stated that the repair costs had been “miscalculated” and requested two more checks. When the company attempted to stop payment on the checks they were told that the initial checks had been cashed. An officer located the truck driver who told them he had been asleep at the TA Truck Stop during the fraudulent activity. Video surveillance shows a black male, mid 30s, with an Ohio driver’s license cashing the checks at Pilot.

On September 2 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Mario Obryant Mallory, 28, White Plains, for simple assault and false imprisonment. According to reports, Mallory allegedly severely beat a woman after a man called the woman while the two were together. An officer responded to a complaint call at Morgan Memorial Hospital and observed the woman with wounds to both eyes, left hand, left forearm, right bicept, forehead, mouth and foot. The woman said Mallory refused to allow her to make a phone call or seek medical treatment after he allegedly beat her.

On September 5 a found marijuana report was filed at Budget Inn, Eatonton Road, after a woman reported that while she was weeding a flower bed she located two pink small plastic bags of suspected marijuana. Reports state that the marijuana appeared to have been in the flower bed for an extended period. The suspected marijuana was seized.

On September 4 Karen Michelle Jackson, 40, Madison, was arrested and charged with criminal trespass and disorderly conduct after she allegedly engaged in a physical argument with a woman at a Plum Street residence. According to reports, the victim told authorities that Jackson came to the residence after being advised not to and engaged in a heated argument with the complainant regarding the complainant’s former boyfriend. The complainant had a black eye and abrasions below her nose.

On September 1 a warrant was issued for the arrest of Jamie Clark, 38, Madison for burglary. According to reports, officers responded to a complaint call at the Wingate Inn, Ramada Lane and were told by a manager at the establishment that Clark had allegedly come to the establishment and removed a stove and a refrigerator from one of the rooms. Reports state that Clark had been terminated from a maintenance position at the motel and had allegedly used a master key to gain entrance to the room.

On September 4 a burglary complaint was filed at a Bell Circle residence after a woman reported that sometime between 7:45 a.m. and 9 a.m. someone entered the residence and removed an Apple iPad and case. The items are valued at $580.

On September 3 a fraud complaint was filed at the Madison Police Department after a woman reported that one day after she had used her debit card at Pilot Truck Stop, Eatonton Road, someone used her account to charge $55 at a grocery store in Macon.

On September 2 Asie Bernard Tolbert, 22, Madison was cited for shoplifting after he alleged took ice from an ice machine at the Quality Inn, Eatonton Road. An employee at the motel told authorities that she witnessed Tolbert taking the ice and that Tolbert was not a customer of the motel.

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