Morgan County Grand Jury returns latest round of indictments

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By Patrick Yost, Editor

The Morgan County Grand Jury last week returned several criminal indictments during their September session. The following persons were indicted.

Terry Jason Harley, 29, College Park, two counts identity fraud, one count forgery in the third degree, four counts criminal attempt to commit financial transaction card fraud, three counts possession of false identification, one count possession of drug-related objects. According to arrest warrants, Harley was arrested on June 15, 2013 by TFC Matt Moorman, Georgia State Patrol after he alleged possess four driver’s licenses from Florida, California and Texas with his photo but with other persons names and identifying information. Warrants also allege that Harley has several credit cards from various business and personal accounts on his person, a more than $2,000 fraudulent check from a business account and digital scales in his vehicle.

Daniel Lamont Cromwell, 27, Douglasville, one count identity fraud, eight counts forgery of financial transaction card, two counts criminal attempt to commit financial transaction card fraud and one count possession of a false identification document. According to arrest warrants, Cromwell was arrested on July 4 by TFC Matt Moorman, Georgia State Patrol. Warrants allege that consequent to his arrest Cromwell possessed a fraudulent driver’s license and three fraudulent credit cards that matched the name on the fraudulent Florida driver’s license.

Randi Hall, 24, New York, NY, one count identity fraud and five counts criminal attempt to commit financial transaction card fraud. According to arrest warrants, Hall was arrested with Daniel Lamont Cromwell on July 4, 2013 by TFC Matt Moorman, Georgia State Patrol and allegedly had in her possession five fraudulent credit cards.

Erice Williams, 18, Madison, three counts obstruction of an officer and three counts disruption of a public school. According to arrest warrants, Williams was arrested by Morgan County Deputy James Hickey on February 20, 2013 after he allegedly disrupted a class at the Morgan County Middle School and then was confronted by Hickey at the school’s cafeteria. Warrants allege that after Williams was placed in Hickey’s office at the school he allegedly became defiant and fought with three officers and was tazed before the officers subdued Williams.

Mya Michelle Giordano, 23, Macon, one count theft by receiving stolen property, one count driving while license suspended. According to arrest warrants, Giordano was arrested by TFC Matt Moorman, Georgia State Patrol, on July 11, 2013 after she was allegedly driving a stolen 2004 Nissan Atlima.

Joshua Wade Rutherford, 24, Rutledge, two counts sex offender registration violation. According to arrest warrants, Rutherford allegedly moved to Morgan County in April, 2013 and failed to register as a registered sex offender. He was arrested by Sgt. Chad Lanier, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office on August 7, 2013.

David Gunner McCullough, 19, Greensboro, one count burglary in the first degree. According to the indictment, McCullough was indicted for the alleged burglary of a Bostwick Highway residence on August 14, 2012. Also indicted in the same incident were Tyler Michael Obrecht, 18, Madison and Christopher “Bubba” Smith, 19, Madison. An arrest warrant alleges that the three went to the residence and told the owner that cows were loose. While two of the defendants lured the victim away, McCullough allegedly entered the residence and took money, cigarettes and a firearm.

Courtney M. Brown, 22, Buckhead, three counts entering an auto. According to arrest warrants, Brown, along with Tyjerries C. Scarebrook, allegedly took truck parts from a vehicle at a garage at a Seven Islands Road, Buckhead location.Brown and Scarebrook were arrested by Cpl. Lisa Reynolds, Morgan County Sheriff’s Office, on June 5, 2013. The warrant also alleges that a radio was removed from a Mazda and an Explorer was entered but nothing was removed. Scarebrook, 18, was also indicted on three counts of entering an auto. Related to the indictments, Jasmine Nicole McCoy, 21, Buckhead, was also indicted on one count of theft by receiving stolen property. An arrest warrant alleges that McCoy was paid $52.93 from a metal recycling company for selling the stolen auto parts to the recycling business.

Perry Orland Durden, 18, Social Circle, one count burglary in the first degree and one count burglary in the second degree. According to arrest warrants, Durden was arrested on May 31 outside a Spears Road residence after deputies located a 1993 Green Grande Cherokee sitting on the side of the road at the residence. A caretaker at the residence reported observing Durden taking items from the residence. In the Jeep, reports state, were items allegedly taken from Apalachee Baptist Church.

Lofton Eddie Taylor, 63, Madison, one count aggravated cruelty to animals, one count cruelty to animals. According to an arrest warrant, Taylor was arrested on July 8 by Det. Wes Thompson, Madison Police Department, after he alleged shot a Jack Russell/Poodle mix dog in the leg that belonged to another person. The arrest warrant states that the dog’s leg had to be amputated.

Teaniscer T. Flanagan (AKA Latiffany Nicole Taylor) 35, College Park, one count negotiating a fictitious check, two counts giving false name to law enforcement officer, two counts giving false date of birth to law enforcement officer, one count perjury, one count false statement and writings. According to arrest warrants, Flanagan was arrested on August 2, 2013 by Cpl. James Phillip Malcom, Madison Police Department, after she allegedly attempted to cash a $498.80 check at Walmart on an account that does not exist.

Raphael V. Brown, 24, Hephzibah, one count possession of marijuana, two counts speeding. According to arrest warrants, Brown was arrested by Officer Cody Morris, Madison Police Department on June 23 and was allegedly in possession of one pound of marijuana.

Thomas Becknell, III, 24, Newborn, one count possession of hydrocodone, one count possession of marijuana, one count drug container violation, one count open container violation, one count driving without insurance. According to arrest warrants, Becknell, III was arrested on January 26, 2013 by Cpl. James Phillip Malcom, Madison Police Department, at a police safety checkpoint on Lions Club Road. The arrest warrant states that officers allegedly located a clear plastic bag containing 4.5 grams of marijuana and 10 suspected Hydrocodone pills in an open container in the vehicle.

Walter Edwin Merritt, 25, Madison, one count possession with intent to distribute marijuana, one count possession with intent to distribute marijuana within 1,000 feet of a housing project, one count possession with intent to distribute marijuana within 1,000 feet of a commercial drug-free zone, one count possession of a drug-related object, one count obstruction of an officer, one count simple battery and one count obstructing a person from making an emergency 911 call. According to arrest warrants, Merritt was arrested by Cpl. James Phillip Malcom on February 27 after Malcom responded to a domestic disturbance call at a residence on Madison Avenue. The warrant alleges that while Malcom was at the call he observed two bags of suspected marijuana and that Merritt attempted to flee and engaged in a physical confrontation with Malcom.

Butler Heard, 50, Madison, one count aggravated assault. According to arrest warrants, Heard was arrested on July 11, 2013 by Officer Stacey Eaton, Madison Police Department after he allegedly stabbed a man 10 times outside a room at the Budget Inn after the man allegedly struck him in the head.

Dewaine Seese, 42, Oxford, two counts terroristic threats and acts, one count criminal trespass, two counts disorderly conduct. According to arrest warrants, Seese was arrested on July 28 by Cpl. James Phillip Malcom, Madison Police Department, after he allegedly went to an Unzell Court residence and allegedly beat on the windows and doors of the residence and made threats to the family inside the residence.

Joseph Alan Morton, 25, Loganville, eight counts serious injury by vehicle, two counts driving under the influence, one count reckless driving. According to indictments, Morton was arrested on September 9, 2012 by Sgt. Justin Howard, Georgia State Patrol, after a vehicle he was driving allegedly caused a three-car wreck on U.S. 441. In the wreck, records state, four persons were injured.

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