Remembering Billy Graham Crusade singer George Beverly Shea

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

By Betty Moore

Congratulations to Sue Doorenbos in receiving her associate degree in Business Administration from Georgia Military College. I’m proud of you Sue!

Christie and Frieda White went to the Parsons’ reunion at Watkinsville Sunday.

Scott, Jennifer and Sara Doran went to Callaway Gardens to see the hot air balloons. Scott rode in one. They are very colorful.

Jo Ann Bryant is recovering from eye surgery. I hope that you continue to improve Jo Ann. You have had it tough but God knows all about it. His love for you is there about you.

A great big happy birthday to Jay Moon! I can’t believe it Jay! You are growing up so fast!

George and Laura Lohr had Pam Hendrix and sons and Barbara Tyson for lunch on Sunday.Donna and Jacob Johnston from Louisiana have been guests of Chuck and Miriam Foster.

Happy birthday to Savannah Mullins on September 7, and Pacey Griffith has a birthday on September 12. I hope that you both have a great birthday!

Most everyone knows of George Beverly Shea. He sang with the Billy Graham Crusade since the mid-1940s. Although he was a Canadian he made his home in Montreat, North Carolina and at his funeral when he died at age 104, a superintendent with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police dressed as a Mountie accompanied his casket at Montreat College.

George Beverly Shea always had time for a friendly chat and to sit down for a cup of coffee. He was said to wear a smile with joy in his spirit. That encouraged many people. He told people to “stay in the battle.” He was a man of great faith. Even when he was 102 years old when he was in a group he sang along with the group on one of his favorite songs, “I’d Rather Have Jesus” or the wonder of it all.

He sang before more live audiences than anyone else in history. That number was more than 220 million. There were more than 820 vocal solos and 70 albums. He earned a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammy Association in 2011. Do you know what? He’s still singing in eternity for the Lord. And when those of us that are Christians are in heaven we can sing along with him. Even someone like me that can’t sing now!

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