Sermon: “Father knows Best”

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Willie Ann Johnson

Willie Ann Johnson

By Willie Ann Johnson

The weather is nice but hot. We are ending summer and approaching fall. We’ll still have some hot days and cool nights. Praise God.

Sis. A. we all missed you on Sunday.

Sunday our Sunday school lesson was very interesting, “God’s image, male and female.” Read Genesis 2: 18-25 and you will get the clear view of what God’s word says about male and female, not mine but God’s, it is in the Bible. Some may like it and others may not but it is the Word of God. Praise His Holy Name.

We entered the sanctuary where intercession prayer was winding down. You could feel the Holiness of Holiness in there. Praise God for our intercession warriors who uplift everyone in prayer. Our Praise Team and the Gospel Choir did a beautiful job Sunday as always. I must not forget our deacons who came before the Praise team and choir with devotion of good old time hymns.

Pastor T. came forward with scriptures from the book of Exodus, which means coming out of bondage and deliverance. Scriptures readings from Exodus 3:9-10, 13: 17-18, 14: 21, 22, 28, text, “Father Knows Best.” Here the people were in bondage when things got so bad some stayed and some left you. I am sending you to Pharaoh who will lead my people out of Egypt. Moses asked God how do you expect me to lead them out of Egypt? God told Moses I will be with you. So God led them out of Egypt when Pharaoh finally let the people go. God took them on a short route from Egypt to the Promise Land. Sometimes the shortest way is the best way for some of us in a situation and others it may take a long route for us to get a clearer understanding of our problems but remember God knows best. Continue to read these chapters and the verses and I am sure you will get the whole picture of Pastor T.’s wonderful and powerful message Sunday.

I must tell you about my hummingbirds! I have more this year than I ever had. I’ve used more sugar, they like the plain sugar water. I have counted around 20 so far. I really enjoy early mornings and late evenings when they are really at each other. Thank you God for hummingbirds and for my entertainment.

A special prayer for Mrs. Hilda Phillips. Continue to uplift all the sick, shut-ins and bereaved in your prayers. Condolences to the Broadnax and Sumpter Families.

Church Announcement: Oct. 5, 6 p.m., there will be a Choir Extravaganza at USBC. Come out and enjoy yourself and listen to the different choirs and groups.

Thought for Today: “Come worship with us.”

Union Springs Baptist Church’s October Calendar

Choir Extravaganza: Saturday, Oct. 5 at 6 p.m.

African-American Museum Concert: Oct. 24

Hallelujah Fest: Oct. 26, 12 noon to 4 p.m.

Pastor’s Appreciation Day: Oct. 27 at 10 a.m.

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