Sunday services: “The Natural Carnal and Spiritual Man” and “Love is a Noun”

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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

By Margie Ward

A good attendance was present for the morning worship service. It was so good to see some of our members back after being out due to sickness. We pray they will continue to do well and will be back in church each week. We are continuing to pray for some that are out due to various situations. God knows each need and each person. He will answer your prayers. We welcome our visitors who come worship with us and we always hope you are blessed and will be uplifted in some way that will make you have a better day and week ahead. We also welcome anyone that does not have a regular church home to come worship with us as God leads.

The choir’s special was, “Won’t it be Wonderful There.” Other special music was by Pastor Ron, “All Hail King Jesus,” and “I Worship You.” Bro. Ron continued the series of messages he began last week on Sunday morning, “The Natural Carnal and Spiritual Man.” “Carnal” means fleshly. Today his topic was, “What it means to be a Carnal Christian,” I Cor. 3 and several other scriptures. (1) The fleshly carnal Christians; (2) disrupts fellowship in the body of Christ; (3) hurts the cause of Christ to be Carnal Christians and their witness; and (4) you will lose your rewards in heaven.

Sunday night at 6 p.m. a good attendance with visitors present. Bro. Ron continued message in Romans 12:9-21, “Love in V9 is a noun;” in these verses this love is being expressed with pure, sincere without hypocrisy, hate evil, cling to what is good, being devoted to one another, be fervent in spirit serving the Lord, rejoice in hope, preserve in tribulation. God said, in this world of tribulation I have overcome. We devote ourselves to prayer, distributing to needs of the saints. In V14 we have a command to bless those that persecute us, bless and continue to bless without trouble. Verse 15 we see expressions of love.

On Monday morning, Labor Day, the Brownwood Church members were saddened when we received a call telling us of the accidental death of Paula Delaney in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Her husband Marc Delaney has been to our church many times. He’s in the construction business. One Sunday morning several years ago he was on his way home to South Carolina from Louisiana, he set the GPS for a church. He had never heard of Brownwood but we were having morning worship. Bro. Ron was already preaching and this man, Marc Delaney walked in, took a seat. When the invitation was given he went forward and asked Bro. Ron could he say something. He told us about his job, he had been in Louisiana helping rebuild from Katrina and the experience he had finding Brownwood. It was interesting. He has been back to Brownwood many times as he’s been traveling. He calls Bro. Ron every Sunday morning to pray with him for the morning service at Brownwood. Getting back to his wife’s death, all we know is she was in the bathroom. She fell, hit her head on something and broke her neck. Our sympathy and prayers continue to be with his family Marc and a son and daughter.

Operation Christmas Child shoebox items for September are toothpaste, toothbrushes, floss, solid deodorant, wash clothes and soap.

Margie Ward visited her sisters Mary Alice Cheatham and Laurene Hopkins and nephew Ronnie Hopkins in Athens recently.

Julie and Billy Phillips visited Raymond and Shelia Phillips and Ruth Russell on Labor Day in Jefferson.

Margie Ward visited Betty Bailey and Lon on Labor Day.

Margie Ward visited Ernest Ward Wednesday afternoon and Carol Ward on Friday afternoon. Glad to report they both seem to be doing fine.


Gossip is a case of tales and heads, both being losers.

Idle gossip keeps some people very busy.

Rumor is one thing that gets thicker as you spread it.

There is nothing busier than an idle rumor.

Not everyone respects gossip some improve it.

A rumor is about as hard to unspread as butter.

Busy people have no time to be busy bodies.

A secret is something you tell one person at a time.

More people are run down by gossip than by automobiles.

You can’t believe everything you hear but you can repeat it.

Gossip: Something that goes in one ear and out the mouth.

Many people are wise until they open their mouth.

Gossip doesn’t hurt anyone unless it is about us.

Gossip could be called “ear pollution.”

Whoever gossips to you will gossip of you.

Gossip is like mud on the wall you can wipe it off but it leaves a spot.

A fool’s mouth is his destruction.

Three can keep a secret if two are dead.

A gossiper dumps his garbage on the listener.

A tongue three inches long can kill a man six feet tall.

Pray for America.

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