The Boss

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Nick Nunn

Nick Nunn

By Nick Nunn

We’ve all had bosses that we don’t like and don’t respect in the least. However, the one thing about a boss is, while you’re at work, you just have to listen to them.

…as long as you want to keep your job, that is.

But after the day is over, when you are out of the office and doing whatever else you want to do, the secure grip of the boss over your time and activities is loosened for a few hours, and what little freedom you can exert in the five or so hours that you won’t be sleeping before you have to be back in the office is yours for the taking!


Lionel Rodriguez reached for a little too much of that golden ring during his after-hours gallivanting, leading Texas authorities on a 70-mile, high-speed chase through the Houston suburbs.

Yes. Instead of having a mixed drink after getting home like all reasonable people from the 1960s, Rodriguez relaxes by weaving his way through everyday traffic and police roadblocks.

Well, maybe he did both. Who knows?

Anyway, the cops thought of an ingenious way of stopping Rodriguez: they called up his boss and got him to tell Rodriguez to stop the chase.

And – what do you know – it worked.

See, I think I’d have exactly the opposite response. If you are involved in a high-speed chase, you know you aren’t going to actually be able to escape (no one ever actually gets away) and I’m sure that the only thought going through Rodriguez’ mind was “I’m going to prison.”

If someone reminded me at that point that I also have a boss, which means that I have a job that I’m going to lose, that would just send my sense of panic – and probably my car – into overdrive, leading to a lengthy second section of the chase.

Why didn’t they also have his significant other call as well to remind him that he won’t be seeing them for a while too?

But the boss was able to exert his nine-to-five powers on Rodriguez, who was taken back to the jail 70 miles away in Montgomery County.

Right where it all began.

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