Buckhead council working to repair playground

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By Leila Dycus, Intern

Repairs to Buckhead’s town playground, not in compliance with certain safety requirements, are on their way.

At Monday’s Buckhead City Council meeting, Councilwoman Robin Bone and City Clerk Cheryl Safford shared that they talked to Gary Timberlake, a local playground builder who has the ability to repair the playground. The council is working to come up with ways in which they can provide funding for the project.

To cut down on costs, the council suggested they join with the fire department and the community to provide the labor needed to fix the playground when the time comes.

Timberlake also determined that the work would need to be completed all at once, rather than in stages.

Mayor Ricky Walker questioned Fire Captain Chuck Jarrell as to whether or not there were safety requirement deadlines that the playground had to meet.

”No but there is a big push,” Jarrell said.

The council is expecting a more precise quote on upgrading the playground, and should vote on the matter next month.

In other news: A proposal for Buckhead’s new well is at a standstill until engineers can determine a location for it. According to new regulations, well water has to be run through the water tower before distribution to customers.

Buckhead’s Christmas tree will soon be replaced with a smaller tree and moved to another location. A replacement tree will be planted in the spot where the old Christmas tree stands.

The council elected to begin research on an agreement to go in with other municipalities on election costs.

There’s flooding around the Buckhead fire department, and the council encouraged Jarrell to speak to the county about potential solutions. It’s Jarrell’s hope that, if the firefighters provide the labor to fix the problem, the county may provide the needed gravel.

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