Ladies Spenzalot, Leisure and Sweet Pea host event

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

By Betty Moore

The Belles of Buckhead enjoyed lunch at the Cracker Barrel recently. The hostesses were Lady Spenzalot, Lady Leisure, and Lady Sweet Pea. Several also had a farewell with Peggy Armour before she moved to Arizona.

Gene and Claire Smith celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary recently. God blessed them with four children, 13 grandchildren, and two great grandchildren. They are so thanksful!

Dennis and Julie Godbee and Dink and Sandra Dominey had a nice camping trip last week.

Benny Smith has a birthday on September 20th. Happy birthday to you!

Earl Smith has not done well lately nor has Almedia. I hope that both of you get along better soon.

Gail Wade went to the mountains where she met with her seven first cousins. It was a wonderful time. When she came back, her grandaughter, Leigh Coberly was home from college from Tennessee, so they visited with her.

Jo Marcum had Sherri and Abby to visit from Dublin.

Susan and Tommy Cochran went to Mississippi to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary.

The ladies of the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel went meet at 1 p.m.

Dillon Pannell had surgery on Monday night for appendicitis. I hope that he feels better soon.

The Buckhead Baptist Church had a good revival.

Congratulations to Debbie and Sean Gallager on their 25th anniversary. Debbie is my great niece.

Next week, on Sept. 24th, my husband and I will be married for 60 years. I can look at us and wonder if this is really so. I see the wrinkles, especially on myself, and know that it is so. He has a round face and has few wrinkles, but with our age, our bodies tell us the truth. I am so thankful that I am up on my feet getting around. I look after my husband, our home, two cats and a dog. It’s natural to get tired. As soon as lunch is over, he goes to the recliner. I go to the bedroom, and we both take naps. that helps the day go along until bedtime.

I have a yard full of oak leaves. They have fallen so fast this year. Usually they turn colors. this year they have turned brown and just fallen off. To me, that is so unusual.

I was in town today and saw the jackets and coats out in the store. It was 58 degrees one morning. It is suppose to be cooler on Tuesday.

I have remembered about years ago when mama, the Carnes girls, before they got married, Gladys Walker, Lucy Walker and Lois Dial were in Monticello in my Studebaker, before I got married. We had gone to the district MYF meeting at the Monticello Methodist Church. Several other car loads also went. I had not been over there at night. You have to go around the square to get to the Eatonton Road. I got messed up and almost was going toward Madison. Then I went back around the square several times. I think I could not see as well at night. All of us got to laughing and when I finally got straightened out and was heading in the right direction, I saw a light behind me that caused me to have to pull over. I told mama and the girls to stop laughing. The cop came up to me and wanted to see my license. I showed it to him and he wanted to know what we were doing when we were going around and around the square. I told him that I was confused and I was trying to find the right way to get out of there to get home and that I had not driven over there before at night. He said for us to go ahead home and to drive safely. When we were out of town, everyone of us let out a loud laugh. We had done nothing wrong but laugh at my driving but it sure was a fun time for us all. Mama was acting as young as the rest of us. Believe me, she went to each youth activity. She had as much fun as the youngest of us. When that Studebaker cranked she had her purse in hand and away she went too.

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