Training children in the “old-fashioned ways”

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice

I love changing of the seasons. We are never bored with the Southern way of doing things. Just think, in a few weeks God’s paintbrush will be working double time, hitting every leaf and most of them different colors. What a wondrous Lord we do serve. And He especially pays attention to all our beautiful and different trees in Georgia.

A lot of toes were stepped on with Butch’s sermon on Sunday, but we need that. Some may get offended but I like to be reminded when I’m out of line. He brought his message from Judges 3, asking if we are forgetting to train our children in the old-fashioned ways. Children of today’s time are brought up so differently than the time I was a child.

And really, I still love the old-fashioned way. He talked to on the Canonization of the church, giving four good examples about how to stop Canonization.

(1) There has to be a qualified absolute authority. Let God give the final authority.

(2) Total eradication of the enemy, sins and acts displeasing to God and things that keep us from our spiritual walk.

(3) Complete faithfulness. No book portrays the picture better than Judges. Obedience brings blessings; rebellion brings tribulation and troubles.

(4) Teach your child and family about the ways and works of the Lord. Unlearned history repeats itself.

How strong and deep is your faithfulness?

Sunday night we had a good time with singing and testimonies, then a message very familiar from Matthew 16:13.

“Whom do men say that I, the Son of man, am?” He wanted everyone to know who He was – He was going to the cross and leave them.

I want to send my deepest sympathy, love and prayers to Mary Lou Burney. It breaks my heart that Sterling has suffered so long and finally gave up the battle. He’s pain-free today. You may remember Mary Lou as one of the original Lambdin’s singing group.

So much pain among our members and friends. We need to pray so hard, with some unspoken prayers and others such as Marion, O.L., Patsy, Cliff. Oh, so many in our church family are experiencing health issues.

Last Saturday night we had a beautiful time with the New Apostles and our quarterly singing. This was truly one of the best crowd pleasers we’ve had this year. They will be singing in the Crawford area soon. Sonrise Trio will be at Cornerstone in Madison – watch for advertising – Georgia with Don Elrod will be at Sewell Methodist on fifth Sunday night. I’ll try to get more information before next week.

Plans are underway for our annual Fall Festival to be held on Oct. 19th. More details later. Also plans for a chicken barbecue fundraiser for the building fund.

Last Thursday the Buice cousins met for a little reunion. There are only nine of them left and we were able to have six with us. Missing was the oldest of the clan, Albert Buice, who lives in Hiawassee, is past 90 and not able to come down. He, along with E.I. (Junior) Hix and Wayne Hix, were really missed. We plan to do this often, so hopefully next time. Those according to age attending: Alfred and Maudie Buice, Louise Hix and Gordon Pittard, James and Mae Buice, Larry and Pam Webb, Betty Buice Glazener and Buddy Hix. Also with us was Paul Pittard, Gayle Buice Holmes and Mark Glazener. We had a great time and good food.

Happy birthday to Sandy Keheley on the 21st and Faith Ferguson on the 24th. Happy anniversary to Reubin and Brenda Morrow on the 23rd. And special wishes for  my No. 3 grandson, Chuck, and Leah Arwood who will celebrate their anniversary on the 17th.

From my favorite, Guideposts: “Who I’ve been is not as important as who I’m becoming.”

So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

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