Dermatology? Old wives’ tales? Just talk the wart away!

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper

Fall is definitely in the air!  These cool mornings and cool nights feel so good! I have got an interesting story to tell about my little life.  I have been plagued or bothered for close to a year, I guess, with some unsightly warts on my hands. I tried self-treating them at first with Compound W and then about 4 or 5 months ago, I made an appointment with a dermatologist to go on and get rid of them, or so I thought. She froze them and I will admit it was sort of painful! I had around 10! She told me it might take a few applications. Well, it might have gotten rid of one or two, but one or two would come and take their place. It seemed as if I was fighting a losing battle. I have been to five appointments, which she had frozen them and one time she prescribed a very expensive cream which I put on faithfully every night. I couldn’t even tell a difference. I went back on Sept. 9 and she froze again. I had heard of an old wives’ tale that said if you rubbed your warts with a cut potato on a full moon and then to go and bury that potato in your yard, it would get rid of your warts. Last month I was laying in bed at night and I happened to think, “Oh no, it is a full moon and I forgot to rub my warts with a potato.” Well, Bruce was already dead asleep next to me, and I didn’t think I should get up in the middle of the night and go outside to bury a potato. What if I didn’t make it back in… he wouldn’t know ’til morning! But this month, I managed to remember to do it. When I came back in, I told Bruce what I had done and you can imagine his look! Well, Facebook is my dear friend, so I told him I was going to post on Facebook what I had done… I got “the look” again. I posted and you wouldn’t believe what comments I started getting. People were full of advice, but some told of people “talking them off.” I had heard of that, too, but I didn’t know anyone who did it. Roy Thrasher, who lives in Appalachee, sent me a message that he could do that. I said to myself, “Hmmm,  I think I will give him a call next week and see if we can meet up.” On Saturday, Jennifer and I went to an estate sale, and as we were walking up to the front door, and who should walk out but Roy and his wife! I said, “Roy, did you mean that you could talk my warts off?” He really didn’t say anything, but I put my hands out and started showing them to him and he started holding them and looking at them. In my feeble mind I thought that he would start a chant or start talking funny or something. He never said anything out loud. He just kept looking at my hands and rubbing where each wart was and then at the end he counted them. He started walking away and I thanked him and said, “God bless you.” I immediately believed that he could do that. Jennifer and I looked at each other and just shook our heads. She had been telling me that people really could do that. Do you know that by that night, two bad ones on the front of my hands had peeled off and by the next day, all the ones on the front of my hands were gone? Now, I still have one on the inside of my palm and two on the ends of my fingers and one on the side of one finger, but they are looking bad and are beginning to peel. I really believe that they will go away, too. I know this sounds like voo-doo, but I believe that God does give people gifts like this. I am certainly thanking God and am giving him the praise and the glory for this and I know that Roy does too. I really believe I am going to have to go and show my dermatologist!

Everyone is so thankful to God that Dean Strange is making great progress  as he goes through his rehab! The plan is for Allie Nash to come home this week as she has made great strides also. Her family is busy getting things ready at home as this will be a new normal, but she has come a long, long way. Continue to pray for  these young people.

Bob McAllister continues to need everyone’s prayers. This past weekend his mother, Mrs. Mary McAlllister, who turned 100 years old this year, along with his sister, Pat and Randy Desilet of Tallahassee, Fla., his other sister, Helen Tews of Knoxville, Tenn. and  his brother, Charlie and Bonnie McAllister of Gray, all came and visited with Bob, Grace, and Isaac. They all had a special family time of prayer. Mrs. McAllister, Pat, Randy, and Helen all attended services at Bethany Baptist on Sunday morning.

We all extend our sympathy to the Johnston family in the Fairview community as Betty Johnston passed away on last Saturday. Mrs. Johnston was the mother of Virginia Johnson, Jimmy Johnston, and Johnny Johnston who all grew up here in the community and we all rode the school bus together all through school. For the last several years she made her home with Virginia and her husband, Larry and their family. When Larry spoke at her service he said that even though she was his mother-in-law, she was really like a mother to him, and usually when you saw Larry you saw Mrs. Betty. He was very, very good to her all through her illness as was Virginia and the other boys and their families. She loved her family and always wanted the best for them. Johnny had wrote a very special poem to his mother several years ago which spoke of her love and concern for them in always praying for them.  She will be greatly missed.

Joanie and Ben Bruce and their family, Jeanie and Rocky Accord and their family along with their brother gave their parents, James and Beth Franklin of Wildersville, Tenn. a 60th wedding anniversary celebration party on Saturday at the Pine Grove Baptist Church.  Many family members and friends and neighbors of the Franklin’s came to wish them well and offer congratulations.  We certainly offer ours. Happy Anniversary!

The Fairview Club met this past Wednesday at the lovely home of Lynn Hanson on Pierce Dairy Road. We had almost a perfect attendance with our members! Lucy Ray, our new Home Extension Agent was the guest speaker. She is an animal science major from Berry College and received her Master’s at UGA. We women folk really don’t have a home demonstration agent for us anymore; times have changed, but some of us still would like some help in doing things! She had been walking through the cornfields earlier that day out at the Williams’ dairy but she answered any questions we had. We learned that you can pick a sample of pecan leaves from your trees or orchard and the Extension office will send them off to be tested to see what kind of fertilizer is needed for your trees. This needs to be done between July 1 and Aug. 1 every year. There is a $20 charge for this service. She was asked about the webs we see up in the trees and she said they are web worms. An easy fix for this is to take a long stick or piece of bamboo and just tear the web in two. Then the birds can get in and eat the worms and etc. up and that will solve that problem. She also answered questions about lawns and landscaping some of the members had. She is a very knowledgeable girl. Afterwards Lynn served delicious refreshments and we all enjoyed a social hour. The October meeting will be held at Sally Stephens home and Charles Merritt will be the speaker.

Dan and Sally Porter enjoyed spending the weekend up in Russellville, Tenn., with their son, Jim and Kathy Porter and children.  They all enjoyed some good trout fishing and also seeing several soccer games that the children participated in.

Steve and Sarah Nell Craig spent Saturday and Sunday in Acworth with the Aaron Kenny family where they all celebrated the twins first birthday! Happy Birthday, Elise and Meri!

Blanche Wilson and Janice Cronic attended the Piedmont Academy homecoming football game in Monticello last Friday night.  Adam and Suzanne McGinnis’s daughter, Suzanna, was in the homecoming court and she was also crowned Miss Homecoming!  Jane McGinnis, Suzanna’s grandmother, was also up from St. Augustine, Fla., for the occasion.

Marlee Malcom, a junior at Gatewood Academy in Eatonton, was also a member of that school’s homecoming court on Friday night.  Many family members were on hand for that occasion as well.

Will Porter along with the rest of the 4-H Dairy judging team will leave this Friday for the National Judging Competition in Madison, Wis. They will also go to the World Dairy Expo while there. We wish them much luck in judging! Jay Moon, Constance and Kaitlin Johnson all showed their dairy heifers at the Gwinnett Fair this past weekend. They came away with some good placings. Congratulations to them!

Frances Brewer had several visitors this past week. Among them were Bunnie Schmitt, Irene Paul, Becky and George Haley, Larry and Crew Brewer, and Steve and Sarah Nell Craig.

Jack and Max Leo of Grayson spent the weekend with their grandparents, Tommy and Raynor Cathey.

Josh Stephens of Atlanta spent the weekend with his parents, Tony and Sally Stephens. They all attended the wedding of Mallory and Brent Utley in Athens on Saturday night.

We want to welcome Travis and Marla Normans and their family to our community. The Normans have bought the house belonging to Pat Stinchcomb on Crawford Road. They moved here from Newton County and Travis works for Delta Airline. They have a girl who is in first grade and a boy who is in sixth grade.

There will be a memorial service on this Saturday, Sept. 30, at the Bethany Baptist Church cemetery for Emily Mildred Stone (Kicklighter) and Harold Osbourne Davidson starting at 10:30 a.m. The Stone family resided in Morgan County from about 1931 to the early 1940s. All were members of the church and the Stone-Cooper cemetery lot is there. Families currently living here and remember the Stone and Cooper families are invited to the service. After the internment, a picnic will be held in the fellowship hall and all who attend are invited.

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