Ghost or guest?

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Nick Nunn

Nick Nunn

By Nick Nunn

I don’t believe in ghosts. Nope, not ghosts, goblins, ghouls, spirits, spooks, or any other sundry type of something that previously died and is somehow still inhabiting the earth.

I’ve had lots of arguments with a lot of people who claim to have had firsthand paranormal experiences, but, personally, I never have, and, frankly, I tend not to put complete credibility in what other people may believe from personal experience.

I’ve even had people ask me, “Well, if ghosts aren’t real, how can you account for all of these television shows where paranormal experts discover detectible signs and traces of ghosts?”

To which I respond, “I can account for that very simply, relying on the fact that it is a television show!”

I also don’t believe people are yellow simply because I watch The Simpsons

Anyway, to the Nunnsense at hand: a few dudes – righteous, I’m sure – were living in off-campus housing while attending the Ohio State University for about a month before they noticed that some really spooky things had been going on in their house.

After a good night’s sleep or after coming back home from classes, the scholars would notice that their cupboards, microwave, and oven left open, when, previously, they had been closed.

At first, the young men joked about there being a ghost in the apartment, but they became concerned when similar, odd things continued to occur and decided to search the house completely.

A locked door in the basement of the building was discovered during the search, and, when they were able to unlock the door, they discovered a bedroom, which even had pictures of the family of the man – not ghost – who had been living there.

That’s even creepier, right?

The legally housed individuals didn’t get bent out of shape about the whole thing; they simply moved the guy’s belongings out and changed the locks.

Interestingly, after seeing the man’s pictures by the bedside, the residents realized that they had seen him walking in the vicinity of the building before.

According to The Lantern, the official university newspaper at OSU, the basement-dweller had introduced himself to one of the young men as “Jeremy” on a previous occasion and stated that he was “wondering when [he] was going to get to meet the people who live here.”

Jeremy indeed.

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