Giving thanks for fall temps, football

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs! I know. Everyone is talking about the change in the weather these days and I am not any different. I’m a winter girl so I can’t wait for the cold to hit. So as we enter into the fall, thank God for cooler temps and football!

I have to let you know that there has been a change in the program for the Morgan County African-American Museum’s fall Concert that was planned at USBC. I talked with Sherry Alexander who is the MCAAM’s treasurer and she stated the concert has been moved to Calvary Baptist Church, located at 184 Academy Street, Madison. The date is still set for Thursday, Oct. 24 at 7 p.m. Featured performances will come from Philander Perriman, The Ashburn Chorale and the Union Springs Baptist Church Mass Choir. Admission is free so plan to come. I will see you there!

Wednesday’s Bible Study was so exciting that it was almost like being in Sunday morning service. Pastor Terrell gave us the tools to be able to recognize when the enemy comes and how to be able to recognize when the enemy comes and how to battle against him.

The main text we studied was the entire chapter of Genesis 3. This is the first attack by the enemy on man’s spirit. The first thing the enemy did was sow doubt about God when he questioned if God really said not to eat from the fruit tree. The next thing that entered was guilt when Adam and Eve tried to hide themselves from God. After that the blame game was started.

Rev. Terrell told us that the voice of guilt is not from God just as fear is not from God. Guilt and fear we must rebuke and cast out. Anytime we think that our way is better than the way that God is revealing to us, we are putting ourselves before God.

God created us as spiritual beings. Our spirit man dies because of our separation from God. If we stay in God’s presence we will not make a mistake. I have to say to you that Pastor Terrell’s presentation of this lesson really brought it to life.

Union Springs Baptist Church Nursing Home Ministry

Thank God for the cool weather on Saturday. The Nursing Home Ministry was very enjoyable. Although they had a double dose of the Springs on last week. Evangelist Stokes got her dates mixed up and she thought it was the third Saturday. She forgot we had a fifth week in August. She and Mother Shepherd went on with the ministry, which the patients enjoyed very much. Praise God.

When I walked in on Saturday the patients gladly mention it to me but they were looking to see me walk in at anytime on last week. I’m so thankful that they look forward to seeing our faces and enjoy the ministry as much as we enjoy coming out ministering to them. Mother Ruby Rainwater and Mother Elaine Atkinson live in Monroe and hardly miss a third Saturday from coming to minister to the patients. They come they love the residents and the ministry.

Presiding Saturday was Evangelist Lizzie Stokes. She also open with a favorite song of the residents, “Jesus Loves Me,” and He truly does love each one of us. Prayer was by Mother Octavia Whitlock, Scripture by Mother Mary Weaver, “100 Psalm Song,” Sis. Hazel Lunceford, a resident, a story; Mother Elaine Rainwater sang a song, “Autumn Prayer”; Mother Willie Ann Johnson, The Word; Mother Doris Head Shepherd John 5: 1: 15 entitled, “Do you want to be healed?” Yes I want to be healed. We all should want to be healed of something. Maybe our problem is not only sickness but also others. Praise God! Job well done Mother Shepherd. Continue to keep us uplifted in prayer for this ministry.

Congratulations go out to The Springs’ newest married couple Glenn and Adrienne Humphries of Eatonton. Pastor Terrell announced that they were joined in wedded bliss last Friday evening and we are so happy for them. I know that the Lord will continuously bless this young couple.

Also on Sunday we were honored to have Earl and Marie McClure of Commerce come and worship with us. Earl is a good friend and business associate of Pastor T. for a while and the church joined Pastor T. in welcoming them.

According to Pastor Terrell Sunday’s sermon was for the seniors but many of the younger generations including myself received the message for themselves, too. The text came from Isaiah 38: 1-5, which is one that we have heard preached many times yet this time we were able to get more from it.

Often when we get into a mess the first thing we do is tell God what we will do when He gets us out. We make all kinds of promises to the Lord hoping that He will move on our behalf. In these passages Hezekiah was given a death sentence but because of what he was already doing for God, he was given 15 more years to live.

Rev. Terrell stated that the devil’s first objective is to keep you from serving God. When sickness tries to come on your body nothing can destroy you before your time unless you let it. There are instances when the doctor says that there is nothing more that he can do for you. That does not automatically mean that you are about to die and this is not the time to stop working for the Lord. We can’t give up. Keep in mind that you can die a premature death but until you finish your mission that God has for you to do you can appeal your case to Him who is our Supreme Court.

As we go forward heed these words of Pastor T. When the devil comes to destroy you with a destructive deal you can appeal through prayer to God based on what you are already doing for the Lord. So make sure that no matter what may come your way you always serve God. For then when the enemy comes you can appeal to the Supreme Court of Appeals for your business, for your spouse, for your healing, for your breakthrough! If you continue serving God you can do as Hezekiah did and appeal your death sentence! Glory Be To God!

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