MCMS Dogs defeat Loganville Red Devils 12-8

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Brandon Smith rushes for a large gain. Photo by Josiah Connelly

Brandon Smith rushes for a large gain. Photo by Josiah Connelly

Next up for MCMS The MCMS Dogs will take on Youth Middle Oct. 2 and then Social Circle Oct. 9, both on the road.

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

Last Wednesday, Sept. 18, the Morgan County Middle School Bulldogs beat the Loganville Red Devils 12-8 at home for their third victory of the regular season.

The Bulldogs first drive ended quickly, and their second began only on their own 13-yard line after stopping Loganville from converting a first down.

Demacion Normon was able to break several tackles for a 23-yard gain to get the Dogs moving in the right direction, before Brandon Smith gained another 15 yards to get the Dogs in Red Devil territory.

Tremon Moore got Morgan County to within striking distance with a 43-yard carry, but Smith earned the touchdown a few plays later.

The Dogs attempted a fake on the extra point attempt in the hopes of earning two points with the gambit, but Loganville got behind the line before they could pull it off.

Morgan County’s next drive looked promising, with double-digit advances by Moore and Anthony Cooper, but quarterback Trey Patterson was tackled while attempting a pass, and the ball fell into the hands of the Red Devils.

At the end of the first half, Morgan County was still ahead 6-0.

Loganville started the second half of the game with possession of the ball, but Garner Drummond snatched an interception after a deflected pass attempt by the Red Devils’ quarterback.

However, Morgan County wasn’t able to capitalize on the break, and the third quarter elapsed without any points gained by either team.

The Dogs’ first drive of the last quarter was moving along steadily until Moore broke through the Red Devils’ secondary and kept running until he reached the end zone 66 yards downfield.

Morgan County missed the extra point, making the score 12-0 with only a few minutes of the game to go.

The Dogs obtained possession once more with apparently no time left on the clock for Loganville to have another chance at a drive.

However, Morgan County fumbled the ball on the Red Devil 5-yard line, and Loganville set up to give it one last shot with fewer than seven seconds left on the clock.

Loganville’s quarterback fell back to pass, but, finding nobody open, he scrambled across the line of scrimmage and, well after the buzzer sounded to signal the end of the game, made it 95-yards downfield for the Red Devils’ sole touchdown of the day.

The Devils even made a two-point conversion attempt, but Morgan County remained ahead, winning the game 12-8.

On Sept. 25, the Dogs played Putnam County for the last home game of the MCMS season. The last two games of the regular season will be against Youth Middle School on Oct. 2 and Social Circle on Oct.9, both on the road.

Tremon Moore makes a sensational catch between two defenders. Photo by Josiah Connelly

Tremon Moore makes a sensational catch between two defenders. Photo by Josiah Connelly

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