On city skate park: Have wheels, will skateboard

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To the Editor:

I nominate Nick Nunn as Poster Boy for the proposed Madison skate park. As a hated renegade skateboarder (his words) growing up, the angst of having no safe, designated location to pursue his passion has left him scarred (literally and figuratively) after being forced to ride his skateboard on the streets and sidewalks of Bostwick, his quaint home town.

This is precisely what we would hope to avoid here in Madison.

Relative to skateboard safety… Elbow/knee pads might have left Nick with few, if any, scars from his early skateboarding days. My guess is those scars on Nick’s elbows/knees are now a great conversation piece, and surely bring back fond memories of his time on a skateboard.

The sport of skateboarding is booming, as evidenced by the vast number of cities that have built skate parks for their youth who are interested in non-team, non-competitive, and non-fee based alternative sports. For confirmation one only need to consider the multi-million dollar productions and primetime exposure devoted to the sport by ESPN as part of the internationally acclaimed X-Games.

Many young boys and girls in Madison already enjoy skateboarding. How many more would participate in the sport if Madison had a skate park? Not sure… but, then again, I wonder how many kids would participate in soccer if Madison had no soccer fields?

Be honest, Nick, wouldn’t you like to dust off your old skateboard and take it for just one more ride at a state-of-the-art skate park right here in good ol’ Madison?

Chad Foster


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