Prayers for the family of Almedia Smith

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Betty Moore

Betty Moore

By Betty Moore

Our community was shocked on Saturday afternoon to learn of the sudden death of Almedia Smith. She had been in ill health for many months. I don’t have a lot of information. I know that Billy Hinesley was her son who lived with her and her husband Earl Smith along with Billy’s wife Donna. Wade Hinesley was her son who lives at Monticello. She had a brother and several sisters.

Her funeral was Tuesday at 11 a.m. with interment at the Popular Springs Baptist Church at Bishop. A. E. Carter Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

My husband is home in time for our 60th wedding anniversary. On September 24, we were married 60 years. On August 25 he fell in our living room. Some neighbors helped him up even though he heard something pop when he fell. I called 911. He was taken to St. Mary’s Good Samaritan Hospital. The x-ray did not show broken bones. He only had bruised ribs. We came back home. This was a Wednesday. On Saturday Beverly came to take me to Madison to get groceries. We left him in bed. When we came back he wanted to go to the bathroom. His legs were like a wet dishrag. He could not stand up even with someone on each side. He was so weak that he just lay down on the floor, not on his face. I called one neighbor. He couldn’t come then but he did come in a few minutes. Another neighbor and his wife did come right away. The two men could not get him up. He was dead weight. I called 911 again. This time after x-rays he was admitted. He showed pneumonia and a fever. This was August 31. His body was so sore that he could barely move. He has had much physical therapy to strengthen his legs and his body. He was gone for three weeks. Whew! Was he glad to get home? On September 25, I will have a big birthday.

Some time soon we will celebrate but it will not be anything large or elaborate. Just a small fun party. I thank God for our years together and for my life and for our ages. Thank God!

Don’t forget the wrestling that is every second Saturday night at the Buckhead Fire Station. The price is $8 for anyone 12 and up and is $5 for children. Come on out and help support the fire department. One dollar from each ticket goes to the fire department. When you come you get to see your neighbors there also.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have singing September 29 at 6 p.m. Come and join in. Their Sunday school rooms are going right along in being built.

On September 15 Dave Andrade had a birthday, Cindy Scoggin’s was September 18, Judy Rodger’s was September 19. On September 16 Frank and Gail Barnett celebrated their anniversary; September 18 Jane and Jerry Kiplinger celebrated their anniversary. Congratulations.

The Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel will have their brotherhood October 8 at 6:30. The Christian ladies luncheon is on October 19 at 1 p.m. They have several birthdays. On September 24 Joe Jordan had a birthday. On September 26 Mark and Sue Doorenbos both have birthdays as well as Mike Lankford on the 26 and Jo Ann Roberts comes in on September 27.

Perhaps there will be more news next week. I will try to get more. I got a late start this week.

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