Wanda Sue returns to Rutledge to compete in Scarecrow Contest

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The Dirt Girls' Wanda Sue is back in Rutledge! Photo special

The Dirt Girls’ Wanda Sue is back in Rutledge! Photo special

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By Carol Altznauer

Carol Altznauer

Carol Altznauer

Wanda Sue, last year’s winner of the October Scarecrow Contest, will be returning to Rutledge soon. She is a creation of the Rutledge Garden Club, AKA “The Dirt Girls.” She was dressed in some of our finest fashions and wore our jewels with pride. She is only in Rutledge the month of October as she spends the rest of her time is some faraway place. This spring she went with me and my family to Jamaica to be a part of my daughter’s wedding and had so much fun that she decided to stay. We (Dirt Girls) will be going to the island to talk her into coming back another year to adorn our spot on Fairplay Street alongside other scarecrows, who will be competing for her title. She has found fame and popularity in the islands and has been quite successful in learning the language and the Jamaican dance. The food is wonderful there so I am sure that she enjoys that too. Hopefully, she has not found love in the islands as she may refuse to come back with us. Maybe we can find a spot for her beloved on Fairplay Street as well.

Now with that being said, other than to wish us good luck, you do not have to go to that length to capture your scarecrow. I am sure you have an old mop or broom around the house that you can make into a fine-looking scarecrow. After all, Wanda Sue likes competition. She is a shady lady with a scruffy past, but presents herself well-poised out there on Fairplay Street. The cash prizes are: Best Student Entry, $25; Best Adult Entry, $25; Best In Show, $25. Now, a broom for Wanda Sue… ah, I mean a “groom”… would make a nice pair and maybe a wedding in Rutledge’s scarecrow future.

Pick up your entry form at LilyBeth’s, then place your scarecrow in a position of honor out there on Fairplay Street (directly across from the Caboose). If you do not see Wanda Sue out there, we may be just having too much fun in Jamaica to return to Rutledge and decide to go to Margaritaville instead.

Winners will be announced at Spooky Fall Fest. Joyce Rutledge was the winner of the first year’s contest with her scarecrow. So, put your thinking cap on and make us a scarecrow. Have fun! As you can see, WE DO!

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