Belgium celebrates ‘no car’ day

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper

I don’t have to tell you that fall is definitely here!  I love these wonderfully cool mornings and cool nights, but from what I have seen of the weather forecast, it doesn’t look like we are going to have a frost on Oct. 3!  Now we can look for one on Oct. 22! We shall see!  I might have to get out of the weather forecasting business!

I have come across another Brussels, Belgium, tidbit of information, courtesy of my brother, Tim.  Sunday before last was “No Car Day” in Brussels.  He said they have two or three a year over there.  The officials STRONGLY suggest that everyone forego driving cars and walk or ride bikes on those days.  Tim took his bike out that Sunday and he said that the streets were full of people walking, biking, rollerblading, and the children and teenagers were out in force on their skateboards and scooters.  He said it was absolutely refreshing to see everyone out and about and just having fun as well as getting exercise.  Effie Powell also said they were having a No Car Day in Italy where she lived also.  It might have been in all of Europe for all I know.  I really wonder how that would work here!

We are so glad to report that Dean Strange was moved to Athens the last of the week to St. Mary’s in-patient rehab program.  He has made great progress with his therapy and he is continually taking steps that will eventually land him back at his home with his wife, Cathy, and the children. Allie Nash also made it home this past week and is doing well.  She is going to Athens for intensive therapy several times a week.  Bobby McAllister is at home where he is receiving hospice care.  Please continue to remember all of these in prayer and we certainly praise God for his goodness toward them. Bob Moorhead has also recently spent some days in the hospital; we send him our get-well thoughts and prayers also.

We need to keep Peggy Mitchum Davis, who grew up here on Baldwin Dairy Road, in our prayers this week as she is due to receive a stem cell transplant from her brother, Felton Mitchum, on this Thursday.  Peggy has suffered from a form of leukemia for several years.  Our thoughts and prayers are with her, Felton and the family during this time.

We extend our sympathy to the family of Billy Edwards who passed away last week.  Mr. Edwards was the father of Hayward Edwards, a classmate of mine.  Mrs. Edwards, Joe Ann, continues to be a resident of the nursing home here where she has been the last few years.  Mr. Edwards worked for Bob Carter in the parts department when he ran the New Holland store here in town where Dixie Seafood is now.  We also extend sympathy to Tony Stephens and the Knight family as Ray Knight passed away last week also.  He was married to Lois Stephens, Tony’s sister.  Ray was a deputy for the sheriff’s department several years ago.

On Saturday, the Stone and Cooper families had a memorial service for two of their family members who had previously passed away.  Both of these families lived in the Bethany community years ago and attended Bethany Baptist Church.  One of these who was memorialized was Emily Stone Kicklighter.  She was born on Feb. 25, 1924 to John and Delia Stone and was one of the three daughters born to them.  The only surviving one is Georgia Stone Davidson, who is 93.  Mrs. Georgia told at the service that they lived on Crawford Road in what we know as the Lynch homeplace.

She said she had very fond memories of her time here years ago.  The other person memorialized and laid to rest in the Bethany cemetery was Georgia’s husband, Harold Davidson.  He and Georgia married in 1944 while he was in the military.  They had been married 69 years.  Although he never lived here, he and Georgia thought it appropriate that he should be laid to rest in the Stone family cemetery where he would feel at home.  Another of the Stone sisters, Sybil, married Marvin Cooper who was a grandson of the Talmadge Coopers (I hope I’ve got that right) who also lived here in the Bethany community and attended Bethany Baptist Church.  One of the Cooper boys, George Cooper, remembers him and his Uncle Dewitt Cooper hauling rocks one summer from the nearby creek in a horse and wagon to make a rock border of the Stone family cemetery plot, which is still there today.  Another nephew, John Cooper, and other family members were here on Saturday for this service. Mama and Daddy and I attended and I was so glad to meet them and hear some of these stories.  Rev. Michael Ventrello was in charge of the service as well as the nephews and other family members who told of wonderful memories they had of their loved ones.  The family served a lovely picnic lunch afterward in the fellowship hall.

On Saturday evening, Bunnie and Jim Schmitt along with Irene Paul entertained their Porter cousins at their home for a meal.  Julia Gay Sabbadino, Janice and Chuck Philippi, Sarah Nell and Steve Craig, Dan and Sally Porter, along with Blanche and Jake Wilson were the guests.

Julia Gay Sabbadino enjoyed spending the weekend here with her siblings.  On Friday afternoon Julia Gay and Blanche Wilson visited Frances Brewer at The Lake Oconee House.  On Sunday, Julia Gay attended church at Trinity along with Aunt Frances.

Julia Gay, Janice and Chuck Philippi  along with Dan and Sally Porter enjoyed Sunday lunch at the home of Sarah Nell and Steve Craig.

Terry and Nancy Mitchell with friends spent the weekend at their mountain cabin this past weekend.

Gloria and William Crew also enjoyed getting away for a couple of days in the North Georgia mountains this past weekend.

Jimmy and Evelyn Bone, April Bone, and the Johnny Messers all attended the Bone family reunion on Saturday that was held at the Buckhead Fire Station.  They had 71 Bones in attendance and a good time was had by all!

Dwight Eaton was honored on his 80th birthday on last Thursday night with a wonderful birthday supper at the home of Deborah and Roger Webb in Greensboro.  Dwight and Dorothy’s immediate family along with the Eaton sisters and brothers with their spouses attended.  Happy birthday, Dwight, and may you have many, many more!

Gracin Wilkins also recently celebrated a birthday.  This past Friday night she enjoyed celebrating with her cousin, Raegan Wilkins, as well as her other friends.  Happy birthday, Gracin!

Sandy, Martha, Mary Martha and Matthew Maddox spent the weekend with Mary and Frank Eaton.  On Saturday, Sandy and Matthew along with Chic Lewis attended the Georgia-LSU game in Athens.

Martha and Mary Martha spent the day with Laurie Lewis where they watched the game on TV.  Laurie is recuperating from an out-patient surgery she had on last Friday, but is doing well.  We send our thoughts and prayers out to her as she recovers.

Julianna Ventrello enjoyed having her grandparents, Ruth Ann’s mother and father from South Carolina, as her guests for Grandparents Day on Friday at her school, Philadelphia Christian School in Rutledge.

The Ventrellos were recently honored at the annual board meeting of the  Source of Light Ministries for having served there for five years.  Rev. Ventrello divides his time up between working at the Source of Light and being a pastor at Bethany Baptist Church.  We send out congratulations to them on this milestone! The Ventrellos have also started having a monthly kids get-together at the church for a Bible story, puppet show, food and games.  They had good attendance at the last meeting.

The 4-H Dairy Judging team of which Jay Moon and Will Porter are members are really enjoying their trip to Madison, Wisconsin, where they are competing at the National Dairy Judging contest.  They have practiced at the Hoard’s Dairy, went to the Dairy Shrine Museum, toured Nasco, as well as going to the World Dairy Expo.  This is a once-in-a-lifetime trip and they are really enjoying it!  The latter part of this week they as well as other 4-H’ers will be going down the Georgia National Fair at Perry where they will all be competing with their various show cattle, sheep and goats.  They are all working hard and we wish them the best of luck!

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