County commission: $160k-plus milling project?

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By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

The Morgan County Board of Commissioners (BOC) discussed a plan to mill roads at Grayson Pointe and Morgan Estates for a total of more than $164,000. After discussion, the matter was placed on the agenda for the Oct. 3 BOC meeting.

According to Gregg Pennington, Morgan County Roads and Bridges/Sanitation supervisor, the project will involve milling the existing asphalt and then using the milled material as a substrate for new paving on the surface.

“We’ve cut the bill in half,” said Pennington, looking at the company quotes for the job, which exceed $188,000.

The project will be paid for through SPLOST funds but is not expected to begin until spring.

Commissioner Ron Milton stated that he had spoken with representatives from Grayson Pointe, who are “very excited” about the project, saying that the road is currently “worse than a gravel road.”

The Morgan Estates phase was added on as an addition part of the project, considering its close proximity to Grayson Pointe and Pennington’s desire to get as much use as possible out of the asphalt miller, which is rented by the month.

The BOC also looked at a quote for almost $36,000 from Mid-State Striping, Inc. to restripe almost 25.5 miles of Morgan County roads, including: Davis Academy, High Shoals, Clack and Reids Ferry roads. The restriping project will be funded through SPLOST funds as well.

BOC Chair Ellen Warren described the roads in the project as “high-volume roads.”

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