Smart plays earn wins for the Spike Dogs

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Rosa Cox keeps her eye on the ball. Photo by Jesse Walker

Rosa Cox keeps her eye on the ball. Photo by Jesse Walker

By Leila Dycus, Intern

The Morgan County Spike Dogs came home on Thursday, Sept. 26 after time on the road facing Oconee County and Athens Academy.

“We just kind of messed up mentally, but I think that we had great serves, great hits. We played smarter than we normally do, which is good; we’re improving on that,” said varsity player Hannah Caison about the road meetings.

First up, the teams took on Oconee County. The varsity girls beat Oconee easily in the first set.

In the second set, Morgan County was determined to take the match and keep from going on to a third set. They did just that, beating Oconee 25-16.

The JV girls had a more difficult time taking on Oconee. The first set went to Oconee by two. The second set sent the two teams back and forth, constantly tying. The Morgan County team was all about support. The JV Spike Dogs broke away from the Warriors for several points, but Oconee made a comeback, though not enough to pull off a win. The JV girls took the second set 25-21, sending the teams into a third set.

In the third set, Oconee took the early lead, but Morgan County quickly answered and continued to outscore the Warriors for the rest of the set. The JV Spike Dogs secured the match win over Oconee with a 25-13 victory in the third set.

“I think we did really good on the first one, but the second one, I think we just got tired and that break just kind of messed everything up,” said JV Spike Dog Ragan Christian.

After a break the Spike Dogs began their battle against Athens Academy.

The Athens Academy team has served as a challenge for the JV Spike Dogs all season long, and this match against them was no different. The Spartans gave Morgan County a hard time in the first set, defeating them quickly 25-13. The second set was no different, with Athens Academy coming out with the win.

All eyes were on the varsity Spike Dogs as they took on the Spartans. The first set was huge for Morgan County. A big tip-over by Mikayla Taylor early on in the set had the team pumped up and ready to win. Rosa Cox presented one of her on-the-floor sliding saves, to loud cheers from the crowd. All this combined for a Morgan County 25-17 win.

An in-the-corner hit by Taylor Bruce in the second set had the Spike Dogs pumped up, but this time Athens Academy was ready to fight back. The teams went back and forth in a tie several times. After the Spartans broke the tie at 21, a timeout was called. Athens Academy came back and beat Morgan County 25-21.

The third set had fans cheering on the edges of their seats. The teams stood tied over and over, as far as the 24-point mark.

The Spike Dogs broke the tie 25-24 but the Spartans answered, tying it back up. Athens Academy then broke the tie, but Morgan game right back. The score was 26-26 when the Spartans pulled ahead, denying Morgan County the win. Athens Academy defeated the Spike Dogs 28-26 in a heated match.

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