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To the Editor:

The Artist Community of Morgan County hosted a very special event on Saturday, September 14th.  At this Open Art event, my family had the privilege of exploring four museums, each providing a unique presentation and venue for many fascinating works of art. The event was organized, and the staff at each museum was enthusiastic and well-informed.  My children initially were most excited about the free cookies at each venue.

We enjoyed the “Masterworks on the Move” at the Cultural Center, along with the other displays of art and history in Morgan County.  We moved on to the African-American Museum.  What a great story behind that museum- and we had a personal tour of the exhibits from a family member of one of the founders.  At the Steffen Thomas Museum, we enjoyed exploring the presentations of large pieces of sculpture and paintings in a gallery that is surprisingly urban and progressive, given that the building itself is set among rolling pastures.  We finished our day at the Madison Artist’s Guild.  An artist was giving a pottery demonstration, with examples of his finished product.  My 7-year-old twins were so engrossed in the demonstration, they forgot about the cookies!

I’d like to thank the Cultural Center and artists of Morgan County for the Open Art event.  Most of all, I think this community deserves a lot of credit for supporting the arts.  In the words of Thomas Merton, “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

Kate Smith Booker


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