“Grandma’s back in business!”

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Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

By Rachel Harper

No frost on the 3rd!  I think we are all glad of it, too! I do know one thing: there is a heavy fog most every morning and there are more spider webs than I have ever seen;  you run into them all the time.  I wonder if they are a sign of something to come…

The school children are on fall break this week and this Monday morning this Grandma is back in business!  Maggie and Karalynn came in and wanted to know why I didn’t have any Halloween decorations out.  They informed me that their other grandmother had lots of decorations out.  So, I got out what meager ones I had and they got to it! I have really never cared for Halloween and my children haven’t either.  We don’t go for spooky!  I remember one year several years ago when Raegan was small, Carrie took the children to a friend’s house in a subdivision where they could just walk around and go trick-or-treating.  Raegan decided she would just stand at the door and hand out candy!  But she has since joined the ranks of the trick-or-treaters with gusto!   In all the years we have lived here we have had maybe three trick-or-treaters.  I have heard that in town, you really have to stock up or just turn your porch light off.

The community sends out our deepest sympathy to the family of Nancy Bruce who passed away suddenly on last Thursday night from an apparent blood clot.  Nancy was married to John Bruce, one of our Fairview boys.  Nancy was a sweet and lovable woman who enjoyed life and she was a real help to John in his trucking business.  She even drove a truck for him when they first married and helped him all she could.  She was also a wonderful mother to her three boys, Jeff, Sammy and John Hood and enjoyed being a grandmother to all her grands.  She also enjoyed doing things and traveling with her sisters and John.  She will be greatly missed.  A celebration of her life will be held on this coming Sunday, Oct. 13, at 3 p.m. at the home of Lynn and Rhett Goodman.  They live at 1191 Clack Road here in Madison and everyone is welcome to attend.

We also extend our sympathy to Marianne Rosenberger and her family as her mother, Fern Worthington, passed away last week.  She was 95.  Mrs. Worthington was a very active lady and enjoyed attending church and Sunday school at Bethany Baptist until her health started failing a few years ago.  She will also be missed.

We are so glad to report that hopefully by the time you receive this paper, that Dean Strange will be happily back at his home in Godfrey.  He has made outstanding progress in his rehab. I know his family will be glad to have him back; he has been gone a long, long time and he has struggled mightily to reach this point. God is a mighty, mighty God and he does more than we can even ask or think.  To God be the glory!  Allie Nash was able to get in the pool for some therapy recently; she was an accomplished swimmer on the Morgan County Marlins swim team before her accident. That’s great news also!

Continue to remember Peggy Davis and Bob McAllister in your prayers for continued healing.

Tommy and Raynor Cathey along with Blanche and Jake Wilson enjoyed spending last Monday afternoon going up to Houston and the Winder area where Bunie and Hillary Cronic were raised and married before moving down here to Greene and Morgan counties.  They went to several cemeteries as well as getting to see the house where Bunie’s (our Granny Cronic) parents lived.  Blanche remembers going back there several times when she was growing up and she and her mother spending time there.

John Richard and Emelyn Wilson and all of their boys with their spouses attended homecoming services at Prospect United Methodist Church up in the Prospect community on this past Sunday. William and Gloria Crew and Tommy and Raynor Cathey also attended the services. Afterward they all enjoyed dinner on the grounds and fellowshipping with everyone.

Alicia Stephens traveled to Chattanooga, Tenn., over the weekend to attend the wedding of one of our close friends.

Alicia and her father, Tony Stephens, also joined Josh Stephens for one of the Braves play-off games in Atlanta one night this past week.  Sally and Aunt Harriette enjoyed staying home and watching them on TV!

The Ainslie children all got together on Saturday for a family get-together with their mother, Mary Ainslie, where they enjoyed making a big cooking of Chop Suey.  I believe Sally Porter was the chef of the day! This was one of their daddy’s specialties, so they are carrying on a family tradition to honor him.

The 4-H Dairy Judging team has arrived home from Madison, Wisc., but they did great.  They came in 18th out of 106 teams.  Will Porter was individual high scorer coming in 17th out of 106 teams. Great showing!  Ben Porter showed his sheep and goats this past weekend down in Perry at the Georgia National Fair.  In the goat barn he came in second with his wether, second with his doe and second in Showmanship, just finishing behind the Supreme Grand Champion animals.

With his breeder ewes he received second in Showmanship and Second in Class.  In the market lamb ring, he received first in Showmanship and in Weight.  Ben will again be off in two weeks where he will travel to Kansas City to show in The American Royal Show, which is a major show and to Louisville, Ky., where he will show in the NAILE show.  Congratulations and good luck in the future!

Karalynn Clifton also particpated in swim meets up at Georgia Tech on Saturday and Sunday where she took more than a minute off her personal best in several events and she and the team had good placings.

Bruce and Rachel Harper, the Mark Wilkins, Jennifer Bonner and Marty Wilson all enjoyed Sunday lunch with Blanche and Jake Wilson this past Sunday.

Antioch Baptist Church has a young man, Lee Tyler, attending their church now who is fluent in sign language.  On Sunday, this young man’s mother, who is  deaf, attended the services and her son, signed the entire service to her. Due to his mother, Lee learned to sign at an early age.  Esther said it was quite amazing to watch. What an amazing gift!

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