Rev. Butler begins revival with message, “The Lost Love”

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Margie Ward

Margie Ward

By Margie Ward

Sunday morning attendance was down for our first Revival service. We pray for all who weren’t present today maybe they will be back soon. We were pleased to have visitors again to come and be with us. Our prayers are for them that they may be blessed by coming and will follow God’s will as to what He would have them to do.

Our community was saddened when we heard of the sudden death of Nancy Bruce. Our Christian sympathy goes out to her family during this time. We know they will look to God for courage, hope, love and strength for the days and weeks ahead.

In Sunday morning church service the choir special was, “He Did Not Come Down.” An offertory special was, “Jesus paid it all,” by Caitlin Butler at the piano and Jonathan Swann on the trumpet. Another special was by James Butler, “It’s Still the Cross,” with his wife Caitlin on the piano. Beginning our revival Rev. Al Butler’s message was, “The Lost Love,” Rev. 2: 1-7,Luke 10, Ephesus was a working church, seemed to be doing all things right but some were not, all need to realize even children of God make mistakes that may cause trouble, then everything will not be all right, all the time. We hate practices or deeds but we love the person and we need to keep believing for the good. Jesus said, some had abandoned their first love, love for Christ, people around us everywhere are lost. The church needs to take the word to the lost and tell those people about Jesus. All need to remember how far they have fallen. Repent and Return back to their first love. Statistics in Georgia show 7.1 million people are lost. And we wonder what’s wrong with America? After the morning service a covered dish meal was held in the Family Life Center honoring Pastor Appreciation Day.

Sunday night at 6 p.m. a good attendance with visitors present. Special music was by Caitlin Butler singing and playing. Rev. Butler’s message, “In the Beginning, God,” Gen. 1: 1, Psalm 90: 2, John 20-23. Genesis is a book of beginnings. If we understand who God is we will do more of what He wants us to do. We need to reverence and fear God. God is eternal, sovereign, creator, has all ability and power in control of all, He is able to deliver thee, God is great and marvelous, He gave us His son. Sometimes we forget we serve God. But one thing for sure God never forget us.

Next Saturday morning, Oct. 12 the Brownwood Women’s Ministry will meet at the Brownwood Community Building at 10 a.m. All are ask to bring brunch food.

October items for Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes are hats, scarves, gloves, mittens, earmuffs and hard candy. Peggy Harper will soon let us know when the boxes will be filled.

Margie Ward visited Ernest Ward Monday afternoon.

Looking ahead to Saturday, Nov. 9 Brownwood will have a Fall Kuntry Fun Event, more details as they become available.

Margie Ward visited Mary Jo Collins at The Mews in Social Circle Tuesday afternoon.

Julie and Billy Phillips, Sonny, Mary, Rebekah, Rachel and Zach Wood visited Margie Ward during the week.

God Fear God and you’ll have nothing else to fear. He is wise who takes God for a teacher. Every sunrise is God’s greeting – the sunset His signature. We may not always agree with God but he is still the boss. God writes with a pen that never blots, speaks with a tongue that never slips, and acts with a hand that never fails. The closer you get to Christ the closer you get to others. Jesus is God spelling himself out in language that man can understand. God delights to use minute means to perform mighty miracles. Just because God is ignored doesn’t mean that he doesn’t exist.

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