Thanks for work on Mannington expansion

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Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes

By Bob Hughes, Madison-Morgan County Chamber of Commerce President

I want to thank all of the team members who helped make the Mannington Mills expansion here a reality. Economic Development has always been a team sport and Madison-Morgan County has a great team in place. I want to thank the county commissioners, mayor and council, the Board of Education and the Development Authority of Morgan County for your assistance and support through our negotiations.

I want to especially thank Michael Lamar and David Nunn, who were on the direct negotiation team. We responded to the opportunity presented by the state Department of Economic Development in mid-August and sealed the deal 45 days later with a groundbreaking ceremony at the plant site. A lot of thought and work went into our proposal and all members involved in the process helped fine-tune our incentive package.

I want to thank the state team and Georgia Power, who worked with Mannington on their expansion plans and, even though they were from a different region of the state, they worked with us and Mannington to make it happen. With the support from the state, we were able to put together an incentive package that will bring 200 jobs back to the U.S. and, more precisely, to Morgan County.

I also want to thank the folks at Mannington, both local and from corporate, for their patience and forthrightness as we negotiated the particulars of this expansion. It is obvious that you are a great industrial citizen now and, as your chairman of the board said, will continue to provide dignity to your workforce and the community by providing quality jobs at a quality facility. We are pleased that you chose Morgan County as the site for your expansion and we are proud to grow with you through this expansion.

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