“Who are those people?

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Fred Johnson

Fred Johnson

By Fred Johnson

Who are those people who erected barriers to keep World War II veterans from visiting an outdoor World War II memorial? They are the same people who closed the Lincoln Memorial, the parking lots at privately owned Mount Vernon, who attempted to close the highway to Mount Rushmore, attempted to block fishing boats from access to the ocean and told a couple they had to vacate their home because it was located on public land.

Who are those people? They are the Federal Government using their police power to make life miserable as possible for the American people. The Government certainly isn’t saving money because it costs more to erect barriers and block highways than to leave the places open. What we have is the government deliberately acting against the public interest.

Now for the scary part. This is the same government who will be running your healthcare; the healthcare that no one wants. The unions don’t want it and have asked for an exemption, Congress doesn’t want it and have exempted themselves, employers don’t want it and have reduced workers hours to avoid it, and people don’t want it after attempting to sign up for it find that they can’t afford it.

Will the government run healthcare using their police force? It seems they already are. People who don’t sign up will be fined by the IRS who can confiscate the funds from their bank account.

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