Bam! Anna Gronholm bags her first deer Sunday afternoon at the Moores’

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Anna Gronholm shot her first deer ever, a two-point buck, on Sunday. Photo special

Anna Gronholm shot her first deer ever, a two-point buck, on Sunday. Photo special

By Betty Moore

Here it is harvest time. Many festivals have been set. Already many Christmas decorations are out in many places. It’s hard to believe and to top it all; our government is about to shut down.

Betty Moore

Betty Moore

What in the world is going to happen? So many people go about their merry way as if all is all right with the world. I believe that we need to stop and think and seek God no matter what the financial state of the country.

I was happy to learn that all five of the Dean Strange family went to church last Sunday. Dean has been so sick. He is now home and was able to go to church. Thank the Lord!

The Buckhead Baptist Church will have the harvest festival on October 30 at 6 p.m. Attention everybody! They are gong to have a treasure hunt. You can go out and dig and find good things! What fun you will have! There will be games, a cake walk, good food and an invitation to you to come!

I send happy birthday wishes to Julie Godbee on October 14. I hope that it was a great day! Happy belated wishes to John and Joann!

The road paving at Grayson Pointe is finished. I haven’t seen it but I’m sure that it looks nice. They have begun work on Morgan Drive. Grayson Point really needed paving.

Chuck and Miriam Foster, George and Laura Lohr and Charles and Carolyn Massey had breakfast together on Monday.

Dennis and Julie Godbee had friends for supper one night recently.

Some Buckhead ladies told me that on the upcoming Saturday night that they will have their fall festival at Beacon Heights Baptist Church. They will have a tall slide, and a number of fun events. So they wanted me to tell you about it. You all come.

Scott, Ginger, Gunnar and Anna Gronholm came to the Moores’ on Sunday afternoon so that Anna and Gunnar could hunt deer. They are both youth under 16. Scott was going to hunt with Anna while Ginger would hunt with Gunnar. Anna was the only family member that had not killed a deer. She is 13. Anna was very nervous but she wanted her deer. She was hunting with a youth gun, a 243.

They sat for some time. They were beginning to think that they would have to wait until the next time to find a deer when all at once one sprung up right in front of her. With shaky hands she raised the gun. If it had been me I’m sure that perspiration would have popped out on me. But Anna’s finger tightened on the trigger – Bam! She got her deer right off! She did a great job! It was a two-point buck. A very pretty 13-year-old young lady brought her deer down. And thanks to a new law that allowed those under 16 for the first time to raise a regular firearm she was able to use a regular small gun, a 243.

John and Gail Wade had dinner with Jack and Susan Johnston Thursday. It was Jack’s birthday. Happy birthday to you Jack!

A business meeting will be at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel on Sunday night, Oct. 20 at 6 p.m. The Christian Ladies Luncheon is on October 19 at 1 p.m. The choir will go to the nursing home Sunday, Oct. 27 at 2 p.m. The new Sunday school rooms are progressing nicely along!

Next week if I can I will write another episode about my Studebaker and me.

I learned this morning about the death of Connie Bryant. I send my sympathy. I will have more details next week.

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