Church’s Women’s Conference a “spirit-filled weekend” meant for growth, reaching “higher level in Christ”

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs! We’re right in the middle of an extremely busy month yet we are busy for the Lord and that makes it all good!

The Women’s Conference was tremendous. Dr. Kathy Hubbard and First Lady Toni Terrell organized a spirit-filled weekend designed to help the ladies grow and reach to a higher level in Christ.

Our First Lady started Friday evening off with a reading from the sixth chapter of Hebrews followed by several affirmations to get us thinking about our prayer life and how we can be blessed. One of the affirmations she stated was, “holiness is not just for certain people. It can be for you, too. God’s Word is for all of us to follow and we can be blessed if we want to be. We can do it God’s way or our own way.”

Dr. Hubbard brought the main message for the evening focusing of Esther 2:8-13. The title of her sermon was, “Releasing Issues That Are Blocking Your Season with God.” Just as Queen Esther had to go through a purification process we go through a similar process.

Basically we need to put down and not pick backup those issues in life, which hinder us. These issues can distract, drain and destroy our spirit. Yet there is hope in knowing that God can release us from these issues so that they are no longer a distraction keeping us out of our season with God.

Saturday morning Sister Toni hosted the program, which examined how we imitate others. She did a demonstration, which was used to show how we try to do what we see others do in church not really knowing their background. What works for one person may not necessarily be for you. She pointed out that we should instead focus on coming together and helping one another.

The final session was at noon and Minister Kathy Hubbard looked at Ruth and Naomi as she talked about the different stages we go through. Another example she used was looking at two different women in different stages of pregnancy. One could be showing and the other is not but both women are still pregnancy. This is the same if God is birthing something in you. Some may not see it but the process is still taking place. In your birthing process stay the course. There is greatness in your future!

I could not attend the Saturday sessions but my sources Shelia Sanders and Lisa Green gave me all the details. If you missed this conference series, the next one will be here before you know it. I will post the details for you as soon as it is planned.

Unless something changes after press time, we will start a series on Revelation during Wednesday Night Bible Study. Many of us are excited to delve into this book of the Bible and I am positive that Pastor T will explain this topic so that all will be able to understand it. If you want to learn more join us for the next few Wednesday nights at 7:30 p.m.

As you know we observe our Holy Communion on second Sunday each month, so how fitting it was that the sermon was “The Holy Communion.” Pastor Terrell’s beginning words were that Jesus did it 2000 years age, but it works for us today when we make our confession. Just because sin trips us up doesn’t mean that we can’ take communion. Remove the guilt.

In Romans 7:24, Paul talks about how when he tries to do something right sin is right there. He goes on to state in Romans 8:1, “There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh but after the Spirit.” The day you accepted Him, He set you free. When Jesus said it was finished it was finished!

Rev. Terrell said next that if you could have done it without Jesus God would not have sent Him. Because all those saints that went before you could not do it. Jesus was sent. Jesus saved you for all of your past, present and future sins. Can you keep on sinning then? God forbid! If you really got saved then the Holy Spirit will keep you in line. The day you accepted Jesus your name was placed in the Lamb’s Book of Life! Now that is something to shout about!

If we are walking after the Spirit then if we miss a step because we are walking after the spirit we can take that step again. If we mess up we can still take our Holy Communion every month. When we let guilt infiltrate our minds concerning the Communion then we don’t fully understand all that Christ has done for us. When we realize all that He has done then the guilt has to leave! Just think I haven’t gotten to the main part of the message either! It gets better! Our main text for the morning came from 1 Corinthians 11:23-32 and Pastor Terrell could have just said these next three statements and finished. Jesus did for you what you couldn’t doing for yourself. Jesus is doing for you what you can’t do for yourself. Jesus will do for you what you will not be able to do for yourself!

Jesus fulfilled or completed the Old Testament. The Law was still intact but we messed up because we could not keep the Law. Jesus gave us grace. That grace covers our wrongs. All that we have to do is plead the Blood of Jesus.

Now any time there is a covenant relationship, which is what we are in with Christ, there has to be something to bind the covenant. Jesus sealed the deal with His Blood! Yours sins are forgiven!

The end of our text for the morning tells us we must take the Communion thoughtfully. Each time we take it we are showing or saying or shouting the Lord’s death until He comes. If we don’t take it thoughtfully, sickness, weakness or even early death can come. Again guilt is usually the issue. As stated earlier remove the guilt.

So from now on when you take your Communion take it thoughtfully and examine yourself. Remove the guilt. Remember the debt that was paid for you by someone who did not owe it. This is how we take the Holy Communion! Glory Be To God!

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