“Beyond the Battleground of the Mind to the Battleground of the Heart”

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T. Adrienne Terrell

T. Adrienne Terrell

By T. Adrienne Terrell

Greetings from The Springs! We have a great day planned for next Sunday, Oct. 27. We will celebrate Pastor’s Appreciation Day for our shepherd, Rev. Robert L. Terrell Jr. If his ministry has touched you in any way this would be a fantastic time to come and fellowship with us. Immediately following the morning service we will host the annual Hallelujah Fest and cookout. So dress casual and come spend the day with us.

Let’s keep Bro. Ronald Reams in our prayers as he travels to Thailand to do missionary work. And more importantly, spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the Lord will provide them with great success and safety while doing His work.

Pastor Terrell flipped the script on us for Wednesday Bible Study. Instead of starting the series on Revelation the lesson was on understanding prayer.

Prayer is simply a request to God and we need to pray in the Holy Spirit as instructed in Jude 20. Prayer lines us up with the will of God for our lives. God has justified us and we have the right to go to Him directly. He already knows all so why not just let Him lead us?

Also through prayer we are given the power to decree or command thing. You can have what you say. You can speak life and increase into yourself. This is on the same lines as blessing or praying over your food before you eat. God has already blessed you with the food but you give thanks for it. The same goes for salvation, healing, health and forgiveness. We can receive all of these through prayer. Knowing the power of prayer will change your life.

Our special guest for the evening was Ms. Emilia Aghono who is the pharmacist at the newly opened Rutledge Pharmacy. She stated that this is a full service pharmacy which stocks or can order any medications you could need. They do blood pressure and blood sugar checks and can also deliver medications to you home at no charge.

I believe that the best part of her presentation was her gratitude of being in the midst of fellow believers. She declared the importance of having Jesus Christ in her life and I know that she will be a blessing in our community.

We had a birthday celebration of sorts for several Springs members also on Sunday. Deacon Richard (Pop) Hubbard Sr. celebrated his 83rd birthday and was joined by a host of family members, which went to the fifth generation. As he spoke to the congregation Pop stated, “He does what he does by the grace of God. The Lord has given him reasonable strength to go on. (To Pastor Terrell) Keep preaching the Word, keep preaching the Word, keep preaching the Word!”

We were graced to have members of our extended family and her children join with us. Pastor T took time to recognized Maureen Clements who is the mother of Deacon John Clements. Also in attendance were her other sons Willie Clements and Larry Clements and daughter Shirley Hughey.

In her address to the church she thanked the Lord and praised Him. She was glad to be at The Springs and asked the church to pray with her. At 92 years of age the Lord has truly satisfied her with a long, blessed life.

Others celebrating a birthday on that weekend were Mother Elaine Atkinson, Mother Carlene Elliott and Sister Tanya Benford. I don’t know all of the ages of the ladies. They may not want me to tell them either. However, I do know that the church joins me in wishing them many, many more.

Pastor Terrell’s sermon Sunday better explained to us the importance of verbal prayer. He said that even now medical science is recognizing and realizing that audible prayer mixed with praise goes beyond the mind into the heart. For example when we pray for someone sick in the hospital they often instantly feel better. Another example is that before a baby’s brain is fully developed in the womb it responds to music.

The text for the message came from Acts 16: 25-30 when Paul and Silas were placed in prison after Paul spoke a word into the life of a young girl that had the spirit of divination. Now the masters of this girl were profiting from her ability to tell fortunes but when she was delivered, “the hope of their gains was gone.” Charges were brought up on Paul and Silas and the two were thrown in prison.

Our text starts with the men praying and singing praises to God and the prisoners heard them. “And suddenly there was a great earthquake so that the foundations of the prison were shaken: and immediately all the doors were opened, and every one’s hands were loosed.” After this the prison guard awakened and when he saw that the prison doors were open, he started to kill himself. Thankfully Paul commanded the man not to hurt himself and the man asked how he could be saved.

There were two interesting points made by Pastor Terrell about these passages. During all of the commotion of the earthquake and the foundation shaking and the doors opening God didn’t let the guard heard the noise. The other point is that once the guard did awaken none of the prisoners had left.

Isn’t it amazing how the Lord can allow noise on one side and silence on the other? God has a way of taking care of your situation if you let Him. Here, the praise and worship that the prisoners heard changed them. So even once they were freed they didn’t try to run. The praise got to their hearts and not just to their minds.

For us when others hear our praise it affects them. When we praise God others can get their breakthrough too. Once the Lord changes your heart you can’t do the same things that you used to do. You can’t say the same things that you used to say. You can’t act the way you used to act. The only ones that don’t get their breakthrough are the ones that are asleep or unwilling to offer the sacrifice of praise.

So if you feel like your foundation was not built right you can come to the Lord with your hands lifted up. Praise, prayer and worship can shake your foundation and free you. You can let go of the past hurt and guilt.

Pastor Terrell closed by saying that the Lord has to get something out of you to get something in you. Once you release it God can fill you. Remember praise and worship can go beyond the battleground of your mind to the battleground of your heart! Glory be to God!

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