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Nick Nunn

Nick Nunn

By Nick Nunn

Last week, during the JV football team’s 18-0 victory over the East Jackson Eagles, it rained from the first buzzer to the last. The rain came in strong with a moderate wind at some points, and, at other times, it slowed to a heavy drizzle, but not once did it stop.

I watched the game from a relatively comfortable little enclave near the field house; a conveniently placed two-foot overhang protected my notepad, my camera, and myself for the entirety of the game, although I didn’t always get a great view of what was happening on the field.

That’s not the first time I’ve been to a completely rain-soaked game – the season-opening games for the soccer teams earlier this year in Lamar County felt like they took place in the middle of monsoon season as well – but, nevertheless, I was astonished at the amount of devotion required for a game like that to take place in spite of the awful conditions.

Let’s forget about the athletes on the field, who have to exert themselves on a slippery surface, playing against slippery opponents, and trying to hang onto a slippery ball.

Not to mention the wet clothes. (I hate wearing wet clothes.)

Think about the coaches there on the field, who have to keep their minds focused on the game and the game plan, while getting bombarded constantly by H2O pellets from the sky.

And what about the team members who don’t get a chance to go onto the field and play at all? Their devotion to the team and the greater good is an outstanding show of character.

Then there are the parents in the stands, huddling under umbrellas and dressed in layers to try to keep the moisture out for as long as possible. Except for one bandanna-ed Morgan County, who cheered the team on with only the protective benefit of his tank top. I’m sure he was a little chilly by the end.

The Morgan County cheerleaders had the benefit of ponchos, but even those couldn’t have kept the elements out for long.

Despite the distance up to East Jackson, Morgan County fans made quite a showing. Just as many Dog fans were there as Eagles fans, and East Jackson’s cheerleaders abandoned the field for shelter just a few short minutes into the game.

East Jackson, just happy that anyone would volunteer to come to the game, didn’t even have anyone selling tickets at the gate, people just walked on through with the sense that something wasn’t quite right.

What it comes down to is that Morgan County cares about its sports teams… a lot.

No matter the condition of the weather or the location of the event, Morgan County fans make an impressive showing at games.

And that is something to be proud of.

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