On Hebrews’ “faith chapter”

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Mae Buice

Mae Buice

By Mae Buice

Here I am after 3 p.m. on news day and this pea brain of mine is not concentrating. I guess I have so much running through my mind, but will try to “git ‘er done.”

Seems we may be on our way to colder days. I love all seasons, but as I get older I seem to not favor the winter months so much.

Beautiful weekend in and around the area, services were good on Sunday as Butch brought a great message from Hebrews 11:6. Called the “faith” chapter, we love the faith and action shown in this scripture. Faith uses reason and reason cannot succeed without using faith. Faith is based on facts and real faith applies to saving faith, faith to believe that when I die I will live again. Living faith delivers us from the power of sin. Working faith is the producing kind of faith; saving faith is never alone. A stirring message, and do we as Christians fall short of our faithfulness? You judge.

Sunday night after good singing we heard a message taken from Zechariah 3:1-7, about the cleansing power.

Saturday as the rain held up in our area and we were so thankful for this small favor, Lord, we had our annual Fall Festival on the church grounds, and what a great time. So many said it was the best ever. We added a little more excitement this year, for instance, pies in the faces of our deacons was a huge success. The jail was fun too. I was arrested by Jailer Cameron Busbee and I DID NOT RESIST ARREST. Thanks to Sandy Keheley for bailing several of us out, plus a very successful cake walk and auction. With the three events, money was involved and we made enough to help benefit our building fund. Thank you to all that helped and participated and especially to all those that baked homemade cakes. Everything was a delight, and some of the kids had eerie faces painted, which of course they loved.

We were surprised on Saturday when Steve and Rebecca Thibodeau from Ocala, Fla., came by for a very nice visit. Love this couple. Wayne and JoAnn Hix also visited with us this week, sure enjoyed that visit. And if you know Wayne, you know that he had a pocket full of his latest poems ready for me. But it wasn’t a pocket full, it was a manila envelope stuffed full. I hope to have one in today’s column and I hope there will be room for it.

Rebecca Moore also stopped by to give me the latest on her daddy and her sister that were so badly injured last weekend near Augusta. I send all my love and prayers to Rachael and Tim and I pray for a healing touch to their bodies.

It was a delight to have Marion Beacham walk into church with Mary on Sunday morning. He has good days and bad days and I think this might have been a good day for him. Pray for him as he fights this terrible cancer devil. Pray for Patsy Greene, Judy Cottrell, O.L. Jordan, the Walker family, the Comans family and please pray for our nation. Things are not looking good in that direction.

The Waddell-Stewart family were away for The Candy Corn 4 Kidneys Walk, to benefit Roger Bottoms.

I understand that Nathan Waddell placed first and that Dylan Stewart came in second. What a great way to help and show love for Roger and Jennette.


Down in Crawfordville Keith Arnold, the Meat Man, will be at the ABC Auction at 6 p.m. with his great food and meat buys.

The Lord’s Messengers along with Clint Butler and His Way will be at Oakley’s Gospel Barn on Nov. 2.


Happy birthday to Lance Smith on the 30th. And special blessings for a dear friend, Jamie Lawrence, the 31st.

For those interested in lemon uses: They purify blood, reduce fever, flushes bacteria and toxins out of your body and help rheumatism and arthritis.

So until next week, may the Lord bless you real good.

Never Walk Away Copyright Sept. 2013 By E. Wayne Hix Have you been in love before, Has your heart been broken, too? When the one you loved so much Walked away from you. Scripture says good comes from heaven, And unconditional love it’s true. So why should we break the heart Of the One who died for me and you? Lord, fill us with Your wisdom As You fill us with Your love. I pray we’ll never walk away From the home that waits above.







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