Cultural Center offers thanks for successful Ga. Trust Fall Ramble

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To the Editor:

The Madison-Morgan Cultural Center was pleased to serve recently as the local co-host for the very successful Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation Fall Ramble. We received many compliments and accolades which properly should be shared with other folks. So please let me pass along the recognition that is due to the efforts of so many others.

First, a thank you to our local co-chairs, Jane Royal and Chris Lambert, and their steering committee and volunteers who made everything flow so smoothly during the three-day weekend. Of course, the Ramble wouldn’t have been possible without the 40-plus private homes and public sites open for this special tour, and we appreciate everyone’s willingness to share with these special visitors who truly appreciate history and architecture.

City and county officials were extremely helpful in working out logistical details. Mayor Bruce Gilbert graciously welcomed the “Ramblers” at their orientation program, and Brad Rice gave a superb historical overview of the area. Marvin and John Ruark took time on Saturday to demonstrate Bostwick’s famous cotton gin, which was extremely generous considering that John’s wedding was that afternoon! Our many sponsors helped cover the costs of hosting and feeding such a large group.

Finally, it should be mentioned that tickets were sold to over 550 visitors from 10 states and Canada, who continually remarked on the friendliness of everyone they came in contact with – from homeowners and Ramble volunteers to strangers on the street who graciously answered questions or gave directions.

Thank you to all who helped show why Madison and Morgan County are special!

Ruth Bracewell

Director, Madison-Morgan Cultural Center

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