Smith, Spann compete for Post 1 seat on Rutledge council: Bill Spann has experience as Rutledge’s mayor and on the city council

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Bill Spann

Bill Spann

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

Bill Spann came to Rutledge relatively late in life in 1996, after retiring from 20-year careers in both the United States Air Force and AT&T.

After retiring from the Air Force in 1968, Spann worked as a member of the Quality Control Launch Team for the Apollo missions 7-11.

In 1975, Spann began working for AT&T, retiring again after 20 years in 1995.

After searching in five states for the ideal place to live, Spann moved to Rutledge in December of 1996 and began his tenure as Mayor of Rutledge in March of 1999.

Spann’s time as Mayor of Rutledge ended in August 2004, but Spann returned to Rutledge’s government as Post 1 city council member in 2006 and has occupied that seat since then.

Spann has praised the job that current mayor, Spencer Knight, has done for Rutledge.

“He’s done a fabulous job,” began Spann. “He’s young, and he’s a business man.”

“They’re up to their ears, and they do an excellent job,” said Spann about Knight and Rutledge City Clerk Debbie Rutherford.

Spann is aware of the growth that is taking place in nearby Newton County and acknowledges that a part of that growth is going to spill over into the western portion of Morgan County.

He is also interested in the amount of attraction that the Fairplay Park is going to generate once it is complete and commends the job that downtown merchants have done by “bringing up” their businesses.

“It think it is a nice little town,” said Spann about Rutledge. “I can’t think of any better place to be.”

Spann noted that the relatively small size of Rutledge helps to accentuate any problems with the city, which lends the problems quick recognition by the citizens and the council.

“We’ve done a lot to help the people,” said Spann. “It’d be nice to win one more time.”

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