Smith, Spann compete for Post 1 seat on Rutledge council: Timothy Smith wants to “get more involved”

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Timothy Smith

Timothy Smith

By Nick Nunn, Staff Writer

Timothy Smith, Rutledge resident, is running for Post 1 on Rutledge’s City Council, facing the current Post 1 representative, Bill Spann.

Smith graduated from the University of Georgia in 1986 with a degree in statistics. After graduating from UGA, he worked for Citizens & Southern National Bank, which became part of Bank of America, until 2004, when he began working in the public works department in the City of Covington.

Smith has been a resident of Rutledge since July of 2004, and he states that he fell in love with Rutledge immediately.

“I like the way everybody works together,” says Smith, noting that city events are always well-attended by Rutledge citizens.

“Things are going really well in town,” said Smith.

Smith stated that his candidacy was spurred on by his desire to “get more involved” in the workings of the city. He acknowledges his lack of direct political experience but states confidently that he “has some ideas” for the office.

Smith also stated that he was approached by fellow Rutledge citizens, who recommended that he run for the city council.

Smith expressed his respect for Bill Spann, city council Post 1 incumbent, and current Mayor of Rutledge Spencer Knight, whom Spann described as a “big, unifying force” in Rutledge.

Smith stated that he has a “good basis” in public works, and that his contacts in Covington may assist Rutledge in finding grants to fund water infrastructure projects in the future.

Developing Rutledge’s infrastructure is Smith’s “main goal” in preparation for the growth that Rutledge is going to experience in the future due to the nearby Stanton Springs development.

Smith wants to maintain Rutledge’s character in spite of future growth by focusing on being able to “dictate growth” in Rutledge.

“Rutledge is a great town. It’s going to bring people,” said Smith. “We need a plan.”

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