Prince Avenue Baptist celebrates forty years with Pastor Ricketts

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By Betty Moore, Columnist

I learned that Earl Smith is in a nursing home at Franklin. He seems to enjoy it and has made good friends with another man. They are thinking about putting him in the same room. Billy and Donna Hinesley who lived at the Smith’s house have moved in temporarily with some of his family until an apartment comes available down here.

They are hoping that it won’t be long. Buckhead Baptist had their Fall Festival on October 30. Dot Saffold has done a wonderful job in planning the games and the whole event. I am sure that it was a great time of fun for everyone. Some people went home with some delicious cakes from the cake walk. Jo Marcrum went to Dublin to visit her daughter and family. She went to a school festival with Abby and to a birthday party. Dennis and Julie Godbee have had Dink and Sandra Dominey to visit for a few days. Dink helped Dennis with some work on the house. While working they have all had good fellowship.

There is going to be homecoming at the Lake Oconee Baptist Chapel on November 17. All are invited to come and fill the church. Please bring a covered dish. The brotherhood will meet November 12 at 6:30 p.m. What a blessing that their new building is finished! Now some Sunday school classes can meet in there. There is also room for their freezers. Sunday, Oct. 27 the Prince Avenue Baptist Church celebrated 40 years with the Pastor Bill Ricketts as our pastor. It was a joyous occasion for the Ricketts family but also the congregation.

The church was on Prince Avenue for many years but for lack of space a move was necessary. We had two services. There were so many cars that it became a problem. We bought 40 acres in Oconee County to build a school and the sports fields. I believe that the school was full when it was on Prince Avenue.

With a new school more students could come. When they went to drill for water there was none. They went in a number of places drilling. The pastor and some deacons went to the spot to pray. They asked God for water. When the driller came back there was plenty of water. There would be enough for a school, a sports field, a church, and whatever else might be there. There was rejoicing! Work on the school began. God had money to come in as was needed. Piedmont College approached the pastor about buying the facility on Prince Avenue. They offered a good price. It had not been mentioned publicly that it would be sold.

Betty Moore

Betty Moore

With much talking and explaining and praying it came to a vote at church that the building, the church, the gym and the other buildings would be sold for this price. The vote carried. They gave us a length of time before we had to be out. So a new facility (church) would be built. I was there for the ground breaking. I regret to say that I have not seen the new beautiful church. Our car won’t go any more so we have television church starting before 9 a.m. on Sundays. It is not like being there and seeing friends and shaking hands or hugging someone. Prince Avenue Church was built. It has a large facility. It is debt free. God bless abundantly. Bill Rickett came there when he was 29 years old. His wife was the same age. Now 40 years later he and his wife celebrated their 40 years at Prince Avenue Baptist. Things were not always easy but they kept going that all things are possible and with God they are! And look what God has done!

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