Will we have a mild winter? Slice a persimmon to find out

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By Rachel Harper, Columnist

I t was down to 32 degrees and a white, white frost here and everywhere on this past Saturday!  A lot of fires were built over the weekend, too, I believe!  Mrs. Andrew Whitaker from over in Greshamville called me up on Saturday morning to tell me they had a big frost over there.  She also told me of cutting open a persimmon seed and seeing if you see the spoon or knife shape inside.  She went on to tell me that she had heard of it from long ago and that if you see the spoon shape, it will be a mild winter, but if it is the knife shape, it will be a hard winter. She saw the spoon plain as day when she cut it open, a sign for a mild winter.  She said it has always rung true.  So, friends and neighbors, here is another sign we can all see about.

I am going to hunt me up a persimmon!  It was a very busy weekend for all of us around here this past weekend as we had the Cronic reunion on Saturday.  Yesterday, our immediate families had a sweet service at Madison Baptist as our granddaughter, Raegan Wilkins, and her cousin, Peyton Fortson, were baptized in the morning service.  Raegan is the daughter of Carrie and Mark Wilkins and Peyton is the son of Mark and Laurie Fortson and the grandson of Marty and Connie Wilson.  Raegan and Peyton had each asked Jesus to come into their hearts a few weeks back and each one had walked down the aisle at church to make it public and say they wanted to join the church and be baptized. After Peyton’s baptism, his “Grandy,” Marty, had a prayer and after Raegan was baptized, her “PaPa” Bruce had a prayer.  Both gave a heartfelt prayer for their grandchildren.  We just thank our God for these children and are so very thankful that they have been saved.  We have the absolute assurance that they are in the very palms of God’s Hands.

We had around 47 Cronic relatives that were on hand on Saturday for the Cronic reunion that was held in the Bethany Baptist Church Fellowship Hall.  Dan, Scott and Sally Porter made a BIG pot of Brunswick Stew and Marty cooked a “homegrown” pig for the barbecue.  It was absolutely delicious!  Everyone else brought their best side dishes and desserts which made for a wonderful feast indeed! Dan learned how to make stew from our Aunt Sadie Porter and I am glad he did!  Scott is right there with his daddy and I feel sure he will continue the tradition, too. It is quite sad that only two Cronic sisters are left from the nine children that were born to Bunie Bell and Hillary Cronic.  Aunt Frances was able to come up from The Oconee House for the occasion and of course, Blanche Wilson, the baby of the family, was on hand. These last few years have taken a toll on this family to be sure.  Jane McGinnis was up from St. Augustine, Fla., and Julia Gay and Joe Sabbadino from Greenville, S.C., came to be here with relatives. A good time of visiting was had by all and every sibling was well represented.

The Godfrey Community Barbecue will be held on Saturday, Nov. 9, from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m.  They have some good barbecue, too!  They will sell raffle tickets on one of Mrs. Thelma Moon’s good caramel cakes!  She makes a good one! Antioch Baptist Church had their annual fall festival and Halloween party for the children of the community on this past Friday night where they enjoyed a cookout, games and a campfire.  They had good attendance.   We are glad to report that Peggy Mitcham Wood has been moved to Hope House, adjacent to Emory Hospital, where she will continue to recuperate and gain strength from her recent stem cell transplant. She is doing really well of which we are so thankful. We are also glad to report that Justin Womack, Jim Bearden’s son-in-law, was released to go home this past weekend.  He still has a long, long road ahead of him, but he is making progress.  We need to continue to remember Bob McAllister in our prayers as he struggles with his sickness.  His wife, Grace, has taken a leave of absence from her work at Walmart in order to be close by.  His mother, Mary McAllister, who is 100 years old and is at an assisted living facility in Florida, calls her son every day and even Skypes with him.  She has a devotional with him, prays and sings with him in English and in Portuguese that comes from them being missionaries in Brazil years ago.  Other family members are constantly in and out regularly.   On Saturday, Janice and Robert Haley, from Conyers, entertained their son, Jeff Haley, and his wife, who are newlyweds, at a wonderful luncheon catered by Annette Eaton at the Madison Tea Room here in town.

Jeff and his bride live in Minnesota where Jeff is employed with Delta Airlines.  This was an occasion so all the Georgia Eaton and Haley  family relatives could meet his wife and  wish the couple  congratulations and much love in their new life together.  Glenda Lancaster along with her sons and their wives from North Carolina also drove down for the occasion.   The John Richard Wilson family all enjoyed a cookout together on this past Sunday night where they celebrated Matt Wilson’s and Davis Maddox’s birthdays.  Happy birthday, Matt and Davis!  Sally and John Hensley had Chad, Holly, Hayden and Henry Roling as their guests on last Monday night for dinner where they celebrated Chad’s birthday! Sally had cataract surgery on last Tuesday and is still recuperating from that.   Anna Bonner was again honored with a baby shower on last Saturday at Bonner’s Restaurant that was given by family and friends.  Many Bonner relatives, friends and co-workers dropped in to wish her well and shower her with many lovely and useful baby gifts for her upcoming little girl, Kylie.   Myron and Dottie Phillipi of Florida have been up this past week visiting their son, Chuck and Janice Phillipi, and the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   Joan and Raymond Gilbert enjoyed having their son, Don Gilbert, and their grandson, Blake, from Baxley, up visiting this past weekend.  Don’s other two sons, Clay and Brad, students at the University of Georgia, also came down and visited with everyone.

Rachel Harper

Rachel Harper

Patrick and Deann Cook’s daughter, Hannah, celebrated her ninth birthday on this past Sunday with a swimming party at the Aquatic Center. Happy birthday, Hannah! Hannah was recently baptized at Madison Baptist Church, and Becky Atkins, a special friend who is also the Children’s Minister at the church, gave the special prayer for her that day. Ben Porter had a dream come true this past week when he showed his prize sheep and goats at the American Royal Show in Kansas City.  Ben, his granddaddy, Bill Hodges, Buddy Adams and Ben’s friend, Jarrett Baldwin, who also showed all traveled to Missouri for this major show. Ben did great!  He placed in the top 10 in all his classes.  His highest placing was fifth place and his lowest was seventh place.  Out of 103 showmen in his showmanship division, he made the cut and ended up in eighth place.  Needless to say, he was very, very pleased with his results and is already planning and looking forward to next year.  His animals receive the best of tender, loving care!  His friend, Jarrett, also did well. Congratulations to these two fine boys!

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